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Guide To Online Phone Cards

Nov 19, 2007
One may think that purchasing online phone cards is easy. In truth, it actually is. You simply choose a supplier online, fill out the purchase form and wait for your card or for the PIN (Personal Identification Number) that will enable you to start making calls. Simple, right? The concern perhaps is on getting the phone card that would give you the best value for your money.

The internet market is offering a myriad of online domestic and international phone cards for you to choose from. It is important that you identify your phone needs and find one that best suits them. Here are a few tips for you to check into.

First is your location. Where you are calling from may be a factor when you are using online phone cards. If you do a lot of traveling and may make calls from different places, you may need a phone card that has international access. This is very important as the card you might have purchased in the United States may not work when you get to London. This would not only be a waste of your cash and of your time but of other factors as well, especially if you really need to get in touch with someone important.

Be sure to look at the accessibility offered by the card. Also know that some phone cards have access points in specific states of the United States of America. So even if you are in the same country, it does not mean that your card has an all access pass. Be sure to check the details.

Second consideration is the location of the person you are calling. Typically, online phone cards are specifically marked to which country you can use a particular card with. This is because the rates for these countries are generally different depending on the distance and accessibility of a particular state, country or region. The more specific the phone card, the more effective it may be to process your call.

Perhaps you will be able to get a greater reception quality as the card is especially made for that region. Some of these cards may offer free services when you call toll free numbers of that certain location, so this could mean savings for you.

Calling from a regular phone or a pay phone? This is one question to think about. When buying online, it is imperative that you check what kind of card you are purchasing. Cards may be restricted to be use on regular phones or on pay phones and not work both ways. Check your card before clicking on purchase. This saves you the trouble and frustration when you are scratching your head or even banging it inside the payphone booth because you are unable to make that call. Talk about bad deal.

Also look if the card specifies to what phone you are calling to. There may be some restrictions like "use to call regular phones only" or "limited to mobile phone access". Again, this could be another cause of frustration that you would have opted out of.

Lastly, to get the full benefit of your online phone card, determine first your calling manners. How many minutes does it usually take you to make a call? How often do you make calls? Knowing the answers to these questions could save you a lot on your phone cards. If your calls are at a minimum and less frequent, then it is best that you choose a card that offers less call durations; the lesser the minutes, the lower the fees.

Typically online phone cards may have expiration dates. So if you are unable to use your phone cards until then, you might as well have been throwing money down the drain. Just as well if you are a busy-body and have to make a dozen calls per day then a card with a greater calling time is more suited for you. Some online phone cards offer extra minutes when you buy higher calling time cards so you can also get some savings.
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