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Train At Home And Become An Experienced Chef

Nov 19, 2007
What is cooking really? As far as cooking is concerned, at home, my Mom and maybe every Moms in the world offer such passion and devotion towards what they do in the kitchen. Maybe because it's for their family and loved ones dear to their hearts to whom they do such deeds. But enough about how our mothers do such great cooking at home; the question should be; can you bring cooking at work? Yes, you can.


Becoming a cook, or better yet, a chef takes a lot of training. A person's love for food and passion for cooking are good standpoints as to why a person should start a cooking career in the first place. But what about those who doesn't have so much likeness towards cooking chores? Sure, they still can. Nobody is ever prohibited in enrolling themselves to a culinary arts school.

But what they should always focus on is whether they will have the same determination or the capacity to maintain and study all aspects of cooking, and eventually enjoy it. Because the good part of being a chef eventually is when you enjoy what you do as you impress hundreds of guests and diners everyday.


Oh they all say it, being a chef or training to become one is a lot of hard work. I say, training for anything requires hard work. It doesn't only happen in becoming a chef. The only difference is that chefs stick around in the kitchen of a restaurant, hotel or cruise ship for hours and on dealing with heat up to their faces. And they don't mind at all.

But, don't lifeguards endure long training in the water? And what about the police men and women? They put their lives at stake when they are involved in a serious crime scene. The point here is, you can't just choose a profession and not face all the danger or demands needed. If you really desire to achieve your goals to become a chef, do your best to endure everything.

What you do now, is going to earn you rewards later on. When you become a chef in a big restaurant or a five-star hotel or a world-class cruise ship, you will never regret the days that you have worked hard on.

Being in love with a profession starts from the basic thing that comprises it. The same principle goes with being a chef. Loving the way a chef picks the best ingredients, cooks food, and even how he presents the food are the important simple elements how a person can become a chef. Everyday learning through experiences and regular training of the newest trend in cooking are also part of a chef's responsibilities, surviving in the real world.

If you are a person who wants to become a chef, where do you think you should start? What type of education should you take with you until you become a chef for real restaurants and customers? A person who has big dreams isn't a problem at all. There is no issue to that; but wouldn't it be great if you start your way to the bottom and give the best of what you have to offer?

Start from your home kitchen. It may not be much and you may think that the people who will be eating whatever it is that you have prepared are probably not going to give you an honest judgment since they are your family and friends. But know this, the steps that matter to becoming a successful chef later on is that you get a good understanding of how strenuous a chef's job can be. From this point, learn how to stand on your two feet (literally) for hours. Clean the ingredients with your own two hands; grind, chop, slice or mince them all. And don't forget to clean your area as you progress with your cooking. This is what all professional chefs do in the kitchen. All these things are a chef's responsibility and it is a lot better to train yourself the hard way in the very own comfort of your home kitchen.

You wont regret it. Once you have decided to take on the profession for good, enter a good culinary school. You will find out that the basic training that you have done at home are the same tasks that you will be doing in school; only that, there are more practical tests that you have to pass. But sure, go ahead and start small for you will never know which big dreams it could bring to you.
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