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Can Home Business Scams Be Avoided?

Aug 17, 2007
Now maybe the reason you're interested in setting up a home business is because you've seen an ad somewhere, or you've been approached by someone. It was all about a great work-from-home money-making opportunity, and you're excited. Finally, you can quit your job! Finally you say, Soon its bye bye Bossy Boy.

If you're thinking of working from home by someone else's rules, though, you have to realize that at least 99% of the offers out there are scams or simply do not work. After all, if it was that easy to pay a few dollars and make thousands, wouldn't everyone be doing it by now? Here are the biggest scams out there, how to recognize them, and how to avoid them.

Where did you see that work from home offer? If you got it in the post, or by email, or saw it on a poster taped around a telephone pole, then I can guarantee you right now that it's not a legitimate offer. If you saw the ad in a newspaper, in a jobs magazine or on a jobs website, then it's a little more likely to be legit - but not much. Always check out any offer, and assume it's a scam until you have iron-clad proof to the contrary.

You can stuff envelopes from home for 1000's a week. If you believe that by the way, I have some swamp land in Florida....This is the most established work-from-home scam, and it's been going for decades now. Basically, once you pay your money and sign up to work from home, you're sent a set of envelopes and ads just like the one you responded to. You might make some money if someone responds to your ad, but eventually there just won't be a market for it any more. Anyway, work from home offers like this is illegal pyramid schemes.

The practice of charging for supplies is hard to pin down to any one scam - it's the way almost all work-at-home scams work (including the envelope stuffing, above). You'll be asked to make a small 'investment' for whatever materials would be needed to do the work - and then you'll be sent very shoddy materials that aren't worth anything like what you paid, and you'll find that there's no market for the work anyway.

If anyone asks for money upfront, run. A real company should be willing to deduct any 'fees' from your first pay cheque - if they won't do that for you, then that's because they don't ever plan to pay you.

Basically like Mom always said, "If it sounds to go to be true, it probably is" Good ol mom was right again.
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