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Article Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Affiliate Home Based Online Business

Nov 20, 2007
Article directories are usually where we start off submitting articles and for many their article submission process stops there. Whilst this is a proven and highly effective method to build back links to your affiliate home based online business website as well as generate free traffic there are other ways to spread your articles far and wide over the internet.

Before we look at these lesser known article submission methods, do be sure, prior to submitting your articles, to include the resource box at the end of your article as this will not only provide another valuable back link to your site but is also a form of free advertising for your affiliate home based online business. It is also a good idea to put your publishing guidelines in your resource box as well i.e. ``You are welcome to publish my article provided you include the resource box with links intact.``

Start off by doing a search for the terms ezines and article publishing websites as you will be sure to find many links on these sites to submit your articles. It is worth looking at the ezine directories as some do accept article submissions. Going off topic a little here, but if you do have an email ezine or email newsletter be sure to submit it to the ezine directories for added exposure.

You could create a free e-book with all your own articles and offer it on your website as a freebie, or give it away to your newsletter signups. You can get more free advertising by adding your own affiliate home based online business advert to the e-book as well.

An article directory added to your own website will encourage visitors who are looking for free content for their own websites.

You could also earn extra online income by becoming a freelance writer by submitting your articles to print publications that pay for submissions.

Create a free report on internet marketing or affiliate home based online businesses, include a few of your related articles and give it away as a bonus to those who purchase a product or service from you?

Ever considered publishing a book containing all the articles you have written and selling the book from your website?

By offering other webmasters the opportunity to get an instant article directory by linking to yours with give you massive exposure and also increase the traffic to your website.

Don`t miss out on the opportunity to submit your articles to related online communities, such as newsgroups, forums and email discussion lists as this will attract a huge amount of free advertising to your affiliate home based online business.

Do a search using your own main keywords and have a look through the authority sites in the top rankings and you may well find some sites invite you to submit your articles to them. Should your article be accepted and displayed on their site you will benefit greatly. Some of these sites also have their own forum with an article marketing section.

You can gain further valuable exposure by advising others that they are welcome to include your articles in their free e-books. This really is free advertising as you don`t even need to promote the e-book.

Make good use of your auto-responder and set up a campaign offering a weekly article to your website visitors and include your affiliate home based online business email advert with each article.

As you can see there are so many ways to use your articles to build back links and generate free traffic to your affiliate home based online business and that is what makes it such a worthwhile and successful internet marketing tool.
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