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Small Business Goals And Controlling Your Mind...

Nov 20, 2007
When I first came online I was wondering whether this thing is going to work, can you really make money online, it is kind of like thin air. And I said to myself there are other people making money online, I hear about the money they are making, I am not sure if it is true or not, but I am going to delete that out of my mind and move forward and I am going to do it. And so I just did it. Here is another thing, I am just going to get into goals here a little bit. I do not use goals, I have tried that before in my life and it just kind of set me up for failure. People write up goals, I am going to be making a hundred thousand a month, or ten thousand dollars a month, in the next three or six months and they do what they are going to do and it does not happen and they feel like a failure.

I did the same thing with different things, such as high school and did not achieve everything in the time frame and the goal that I set. So I would feel like a failure, even though I accomplished a lot of things and I was a success to other people. Entered a lot of competitions, completed them and finished in the top three in different areas. The thing is I was a success to other people in school, but in my own eyes there are some things that I wanted to accomplish faster or other things that did not happen that I had as a goal. So I would feel like a failure in certain areas and it was all because of goals. What I learned to do is to not even do goals. If I want to do something, I just say I am going to do it. I do not say I am going to create a home based business and make ten thousand dollars a month, I just do it. I do not set a goal, I do not set a time frame, I just go to work and do it and do not look back.

I want to market and generate a lot of traffic, I just do it and do not look back. I never look back, just keep going forward. Do not sit there and become stagnant, goals can also keep you from reaching even higher than where you even thought you could go. If you set a goal to make ten thousand dollars a month and you get there, because the goals that you do achieve, you probably like the competition and the journey to that goal, so when you get there you say okay, and you become stagnant at that point. Say like ten thousand a month, great I am at ten thousand dollars a month, I hit my goal, and I will become stagnant now. Well, who is to say that you could not reach a hundred thousand dollars a month.

But because you chose that goal just to get to the ten thousand dollar mark a month, you can become stagnant there. You got there, you did it, Okay great what is next. But if you just do it you will always end up doing way more than what you will expect. When you start applying this online, the marketing, you will do what you can handle and you will be surprised at how much you can handle. If you were to set a certain goal, you probably would not realize how much traffic you can actually handle or how much business you can handle. So a goal can really limit you when you set goals. Just forget about the goals and just do it, just like the sneaker company said, just do it.

If you want to make ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars a month, just do it. You want to have a home based business, you want to leave your job, just do it. It all comes back to your mind. And it kind of taps into what I was talking about before on fear, about controlling your mind, if you can control your mind, you have to see what you are going to do before you even do it. If you cannot see, which is like a vision of what you are going to do, it is not going to happen. It is like you are just off wandering lost in the wilderness, if you cannot see it, what is suppose to happen is not going to happen.
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