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How to Select an Affiliate Program that is Right for You

Nov 20, 2007
A terrific way to earn residual income is through a quality affiliate program. The purpose of the majority of affiliate programs is to distribute products for a main company and earn a residual income from these sales. Additionally, you can earn a residual income from the referrals that you sign up under your name and the sales that your referrals make for the main company. Because you can do so well with a quality affiliate program, it is important to know how to select the affiliate program that is best for you and your situation.

The first factor in selecting an affiliate program is to find one that provides automatic referrals. Automatic referrals are new members that join the affiliation who are automatically assigned to your tier of referrals. You can earn money from these referrals that are under you and from the sales that they make distributing the affiliation products. You will also want to select an affiliate program that pays you a bonus or gives you referral credits for each referral that you sign up under the program. Some affiliations have referral programs, but do not offer any type of incentive or additional residual income from your referrals.

The next thing to consider for an affiliate program is the type of product that is being distributed. It is imperative that the product be a consumable product so that you will have repeat orders. After you build up a steady customer base, you will be able to receive more reliable residual income on monthly or bi-monthly basis. You will be able to learn roughly how many customers will need refills or to replenish their supplies of the consumable product that you are distributing. This is one reason that nutritional supplements are such a terrific market for people to join affiliate programs. Buyers need to replenish the nutritional supplements that they used that month or during a two month period.

Many affiliate programs provide you with a free web store to distribute their products. With the store, they should also provide hosting, FTP storage space, and bandwidth usage at no charge to you. The more successful you are at distributing their products, the more successful they are as well. You should not have to worry about hiring a programmer to figure out how to create a web store and to receive orders from customers. The main company that you sign up as an affiliate should handle all of this for you. Additionally, they should provide stocking, shipping, and handling to distribute the products as they are sold from your web store.

Select a company that is well known and the products that are well known. People are more likely to buy from a reputable company and to purchase products that they are familiar with. You can create a strong sales copy for the store front and have the technical support team for the affiliation program make the changes to your pre-made web store. Many consumers worry about internet fraud and are more likely to buy from a company that is large and has built a solid and reputable presence on the internet. This will only boost your affiliation residual income.
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