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What to Include in a Good Sales Presentation

Nov 20, 2007
A good sales presentation is important to all of us that are marketing products. Hopefully, we have a product that is marketable and will virtually sell itself before we ever have to make a sales presentation. The wellness industry has literally hundreds of different nutritional supplements available for distributors to sell.

Here are some key items to include in a good sales presentation for nutritional supplements:

One of the key elements to include in a good sales presentation is the background of the supplement. For example, if you are giving a sales presentation for Zeolite, you can provide information on how Zeolite was created.

Additionally, you can talk about the forms that Zeolite is available in for the consumers. It is important to identify the product that is the target of the sales presentation. If I have no idea what you are marketing to me, I am not going to be able to connect the later aspects of the sales to the product. Bring in some samples of the product as well as have some set out for people to see for the sales presentation.

What benefits does the product have for the consumer? Are there testimonials that can be shared with the group for the sales presentation? Letting the potential buyer know the immediate and long term benefits of a product will help them to visualize using the product. They will be able to focus on what they receive from using the product. You are your best testimonial. Let the buyers know what immediate and long term benefits you received from the product. For example, if you are marketing Zeolite, what were the changes in your body that you noticed after taking the liquid droplets for a month?

What is the target of your sales presentation? Do you want the buyers to be regular customers? Are you building a social network of potential referrals and affiliates? Now that the group understands what the product is, the benefits you need to focus on, and what action you want from the group. If the purpose is to sign them up as a referral or affiliate, the focus on the next part of the sales presentation is how easy it is to promote the product. After all, they have already seen how useful the product is for not only themselves, but also for future customers. If the purpose of the sales presentation is to gather new customers, focus on the savings and a promotional aspect of the product. For example, offer a special that is only available if they purchase one or more of the product right after the sales presentation is complete.

Take time for questions. Often people think of questions during a sales presentation. Know your product well and be willing to take questions. If by chance you do not know the answer to a question, tell the group that you will find out the answer for them and email it to them. Instead of saying you do not know, turn it to a positive that you will get the information and pass it along to them. For the majority of time, you will know the answers to the questions. In fact, it will probably be something you have already covered in the sales presentation and can just re-emphasize again for the group.
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