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The Simple Way to Close More Sales Effectively

Nov 20, 2007
The first step toward closing more prospects on a YES decision is not in the close when you ask the closing question. Rather, the first step toward closing begins with your first point of contact with your prospect, when you begin your conversation with your prospect. It is in the rapport building part of the sales process, the place where you open communication.

Chances are you are not closing as much business as you would like. And you most likely do NOT need more leads. What you need is to close the prospects you already have.

As marketers we are often in a prospecting and selling mode, which has us focused on trying to make first contact or even just trying to generate a lead through our marketing efforts. But even with having a steady flow of leads (often an overabundance of leads), we all too often think what we need are more prospects. And we often get trapped in a prospecting mode and focus too much on lead generation.

Now don't take this wrong, as lead flow is important - extremely important. However, most marketers get stuck in that part of the process to the point where they begin to think what they need are even more prospects and a ton of leads.

Let's face the facts! Rarely do we need more leads. What we need is to become more efficient and more effective in closing the prospects we have already made contact with. This means mastering our closing skills and mastering those skills to where we are closing in a work smart way.

Keep in mind, as you begin to build your business, whether you are retailing products or services, or recruiting distributors, getting to a YES decision is in your hands. The great news is closing is simple and easier to do than most people think that it can be done.

One lesson that served critical to my success was I learned early on the secret to closing is directly tied to understanding what closing is and is not. The secret simple way to close more sales effectively is to make sure you understand closing. This means that as you begin your skill enhancement on your ability to close, make sure you fully understand what closing is. Simply defined, closing is getting the prospect to make a decision. This means to buy something (a product or service), to get more information, or not to buy. It is making a decision.

Most marketers have trouble with understanding closing. Most never close their prospects on a decision. They have great conversations but never get the prospect to that important decision.

Keep in mind, if you open the prospect (by prospecting and starting the conversation), where they begin looking at what you offer, it is YOUR responsibility to help that prospect make a decision. This means closing the prospect on a decision.

Closing is an important and critical part of the sales process. So, don't leave your prospect hanging in an area of indecision. Get the prospect to a decision. It is your responsibility to not only learn and master the proper closing techniques but it is also your responsibility to help the prospect get to a decision.

TIP - Without using proper closing techniques, very few prospects will make a decision.

Do not fear closing, rather embrace closing. Know you will be a more effectively aggressive as a closer if you do the prior steps that lead up to the close. This means approaching and involving your prospect through the sales process, overcoming objections, and most importantly, understanding what your prospect wants and offer a solution best fit to those wants.

As a final note, effective closing is not just about your ability to close but it also ties into other related skills such as approach and involvement, overcoming objections, qualifying, and many other skills areas, all of which affect your ability to close effectively.
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