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Make Money With Adwords - Learn How To Earn More Income Online Using Google Adwords

Nov 20, 2007
Google adwords is the king of all the pay per click providers out there. However it is also the most competitive so you need to know what you are doing if you expect to succeed using adwords. Follow some of these tips to help you learn how to increase your profits using adwords.

Tip 1: Pick the right keywords

Make sure that you are selecting the right keywords that are truly relevant to your product or service. Always remember that keywords are not created equal. Certain keywords are laden with great value and you want as much traffic from those keywords.

For example, if you are promoting a product from Clickbank then the product name is a valuable keyword. Even though there may not be many searches for that keyword the traffic from it will convert into sales far better than other less targeted terms. It is often worth it and profitable to pay up to a dollar a click for these kinds of keywords.

Tip 2: Keep your ad copy simple

Do not try to get too fancy with your ad copy at least in the beginning. Remember that keywords are bolded in the search results which always help to improve click through rates. Add the keyword to the title of your ad and even once more in the body.

The body of your ad should be benefits driven rather than feature driven. Do not talk about the special technical details of your product but rather focus on the major benefit that product or service offers to your potential customers. Remember that people always want to know what good your product is to them and how it can better their lives so give them accurate descriptions of those benefits in your ad body.

Tip 3: Improve your adwords account quality score

Remember that Google is always keeping a close eye on what you are doing. This can work to your advantage because if you do what Google wants they will reward you. In this case the reward of developing a high adwords account quality score means that you pay less for clicks and get higher rankings without paying extra.

This is a huge benefit and is something you must strive for to maximize your return on investment. This could mean the difference between campaigns that are breaking even and those that have 100% + returns so take it seriously.

Improving your ads click through rate is the best way to raise the quality score of your account. Creating smaller more tightly focused ad groups will create more relevant ads and ads that have greater relevancy have higher click through rates.

Also once you set up a few campaigns do not just abandon them for weeks. Make sure you check in at least once every two to three days. You need to check if any keywords you are bidding on have been deactivated. If they have then you need to either delete those keywords or create another smaller ad group targeting them.

You can also check the quality score of each keyword in your account by picking the quality score option from the drop down menu in the keywords section of your adwords account. Your landing pages also affect the quality score of your account. Add in some of your main keywords as naturally as possible into your landing pages and make sure that there is enough text content on the landing pages. If you are using a squeeze page then be sure to at least adequately describe your product or service on the squeeze page.

Make sure to also track your ads closely through the use of the conversion tracking feature. This will allow you to know which keywords are performing well so you can bid higher on them and get the maximum return on your advertising dollars. Adwords can be a fantastic way to increase your sales almost immediately but there is a learning curve so start slowly and do not throw all your money into one campaign.
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