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Marketing And Real Estate Leads

Nov 21, 2007
Finding legit and verified leads in real estate is no picnic. Lately the real estate market has slowed so how in a mountain of agents do you get the customers to come to you? Well as you can see traditional methods aren't working and someone keeps taking all your customers away. However you can reclaim them with a few simple tips. You can get your pockets heavy again; pay those back bills the creditors keep hounding you about. Marketing opportunities have never been so good.

Finding ways to capture your potential homebuyer's heart is always a good idea. With the long lists of realtors on the market now you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd or have a very large following already. Researching what other realtors are doing differently is a start. Doing a little mystery looking isn't a bad idea. Though there maybe a question of ethics there.

First you must figure out what it is that you have that they don't. Being honest why should they come to you and not the guys down the street. After all most people think their all the same anyway. It is your job to prove them wrong.

Generating a great marketing page or squeeze page for your self isn't a bad Idea. Including something's that make you stand out from the crowd. Things you can do better or what they are going to get but shopping for real estate with you.

Changing your website around a bit maybe a plus. Making the site as interactive and as informative as you can is a winner. Several people are looking for realtors that care about their needs.

Show your clients you care about them by putting more time into your listings, being honest, showing them small changes like video greetings, etc. This will draw more attention to your site and were there is traffic there is interest. Working with articles and keywords also will help lour more real estate leads or potential customers to your site!

Making sure that you target audiences interested in your product or service is very important. Or you will draw surfers not potential home buyers. Finding new and innovative ways to attract people to your website will bring you leads. All you have to do is put fourth the time and effort it takes to get them there. Traditional methods of Lead generation are no longer effective dabble and your income could be more then you ever expected!

Your page must focus on capturing the email address of your visitor so you can follow up over and over. The best way for this is to have the person subscribe to your newsletter via autoresponder. The two best services I know for this are Aweber and Getresponse. You can also purchase your own autoresponder software and have it put on your own unix server. The best one I have found is Autoresponderplus. You then should ask your prospect to confirm their email address. Your autoresponder software will have a setting to permit this. Now that your lead has confirmed he is a very valuable targeted prospect that you have permission to follow up with over and over. Only send him offers about what your lead specifically opted in for. If your lead is interested in health insurance do not send him info on pet products.
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John Le Papillon is a lead generation specialist. He manages Interleads.net lead generation portal. You can find out more about lead generation techniques and even place your free ad on his lead generation site here.
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