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Internet Marketing - 3 Benefits Of Marketing With Articles

Nov 21, 2007
One of the most powerful things you can do when you're in the Internet marketing world is to write and publish articles in online article directories. You may be thinking, I can't write, or I don't want to write. So, hire someone to write for you! You can find inexpensive help on eLance.com, and you'll just need to be in charge of quality control to make sure the articles are well-written. Not to take advantage of this effective traffic-generation tool is just foolish.


First, when you have an article published in a directory, people searching for a topic may find it and read it, generally because they're looking for information to solve some problem. They're obviously interested in your niche, and if you give them information they find useful and enjoy, they'll be your perfect Internet marketing business prospect. If you've chosen the right niche to be in, you obviously know something about it. It should be your passion. Write about what fascinates you, and the words will just flow. There will always be people who know less about a topic, so if you're new to Internet marketing, don't let that bother you.

Second, if you help to solve a problem in your article, you're gaining trust, enough trust that readers will click on the link in your bio box and come to your website to learn more. Create a special report that gives them the 10 top tips for something in your niche. Like, 10 Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing, if you're in the golf niche or 5 Ways to Save Money When Buying Your First Home, if you're in real estate. Whatever your niche is, write something you know about it that will help other people. Then, send people to your squeeze page from your article and offer them this free report for opting in. Advertise the free report in the author resource or bio box in the article directories, and you'll be list building at the same time. A well-written article will make them want more.

Third, your Internet marketing website will get one-way backlinks, which is great for search engine optimization. Search engines see links to your website as "votes." The more one-way links you have, the better your standing with the search engines will be. And here's the cool thing. When you place your articles into a directory like EzineArticles.com, each article you write gets its own separate page. Each of these is a separate one-way link pointing back to your website, and they stay online forever. As they mature, the page rank of each page gets higher and you get better and better pages linking back to your site.

Article marketing is still extremely powerful in Internet marketing, no matter what niche you're in. You have an air of expertise when readers see your articles published in online directories, which gives you credibility. If you write a good article, that helps to solve a problem, you'll get traffic, just from people clicking on the link in your bio or author's resource box. Plus, you get search engine optimization advantage and will get traffic from the search engines. Article marketing is very powerful, indeed!
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