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Exposing The Power Of Emarketing

Nov 21, 2007
Marketing has always been an integral part of trade, in some form or the other. The most primitive form of marketing probably constituted the stories that traders told prospective customers, in order to convince them to barter their products. Since then, the methods for getting the marketing messages across have become far more advanced and efficient, especially with the help of all the technological innovations that have come about in the field of communication. The basic principles of marketing, of course, continue to be applied as before, with some minor modifications.

EMarketing is the confluence of marketing principles and technology that has become available with the advent of the Internet. Making use of the Internet for building the identity of a brand, retaining existing clients or customers as well as attracting new ones, through various activities that can help achieve these purposes, is what eMarketing is all about.

An attempt is made to connect the clients or customers with the business, by utilizing various technologies for brand marketing through indirect as well as direct response methods, over the Internet. Online marketing, Internet marketing and eMarketing are terms that are often used interchangeably. To put it simply, eMarketing involves making use of the Internet for applying the techniques and principles of marketing.

The World Wide Web is redefining the clients' or customers' interaction with businesses in a major way. A large number of people can be reached very fast, through the Internet. Therefore, it is very difficult for companies with either online or offline business models to ignore the internet as a medium for communication with their existing as well as prospective clients or customers. The returns on investment that can be achieved through eMarketing can be substantial, especially for small and midsize businesses.

Advantages of eMarketing:

1. The kind of costs involved in equaling the reach provided by eMarketing, through traditional methods of marketing, are huge and can be afforded by large-sized businesses only. So, eMarketing allows even small businesses to reach potential clients or customers globally.

2. Sales, information management, customer service and public relations form a part of eMarketing, in addition to some other ways of reaching out to consumers, in order to offer them a broad range of services or products. So, its scope is much wider than that of traditional ways of marketing and is expected to expand even further, over the coming years.

3. Companies can be more adaptive and dynamic, with the help of eMarketing, as clients' or customers' responses can be received and processed faster than ever before, thereby allowing the company to derive the maximum benefit from the channel for two-way communications that has been made available by eMarketing. This can be a vast improvement over traditional methods employed for marketing, mainly aimed at conveying a brand's message to current or potential consumers.

4. Spending the same amount of money on advertising, as before, can create immediate leads through eMarketing. This is because eMarketing enables the speeding up of the buying cycle. Responses from consumers can be obtained soon after they are provided with the necessary information.

A potential consumer can order a trial or demonstration or even order the service or product itself, soon after finding out all that he or she wishes to find out about it. This is, of course, not restricted in any way by whether it is day or night, at that point of time, or whether it is a working day or a holiday. This is not achievable through traditional ways of marketing, since people cannot acquire a product immediately after finding out about it, in that case. Therefore, the impact that eMarketing provides almost immediately is unique to it.

Targeted groups can be catered to, through niche marketing, over the Internet. People are more likely to respond to marketing messages when these provide information that is of interest to them. Marketers can easily locate potential consumers for niche markets, online. This is because a large number of people tend to form focused groups, in accordance with their interests, on the Internet.

In addition to that, the purchasing power of Internet users is also of interest to marketers, since they tend to mostly belong to the middle or upper echelons of society. When considered as a group, they constitute a market that no marketer can afford to ignore.
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