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Network Marketing-Are You Failing Your Way Through?

Nov 21, 2007
What does it take to have success in your network marketing business? Network marketing tools of course; you know training, systems, and marketing skills. Is that what you were told before signed up with your company? Or where you sold a bill of goods i.e. make ten thousand dollars today with no effort or training?

You may be laughing, but I bet you dollars-to-donuts, you have signed up for one of these programs in the not so distant past. Did you ever make the money they promised you would? Did you feel like a schmuck afterwards? Don't feel too bad; a lot of people fall victim to the hype of these kinds of programs and the unscrupulous marketers in them.

I'm sure by now, you've had your reality check and realize one of the key components to network marketing success, is marketing skills. This is the essential element that is missing with a lot of network marketing home businesses.

One reason this is the case, is that most people who try their hand at a home businesses are the typical everyday person. For the most part they are not people with business degrees or have any kind of marketing experience. This is the same group of people that these companies and overzealous marketers are targeting.

To assume this group of people have enough experience and marketing know-how to run a successful business, would be illogical assumption at best. But I'm sure you've realized by now that most companies and other network marketers who advertise with over-the-top income claims really don't care who signs up, as long as they can get paid.

With this type of attitude, it is clearly apparent that these marketers are failing in their business and have become so desperate to get anyone to sign up and or they plum don't know have a clue as to how to market. In my experience it's a little of both. I'm sure you agree too.

Did you ever get any network marketing training? Do you know the best way to present your home business opportunity? Many people don't. This is why many stumble and fail their way through another program, until another one comes along that promises easier and faster money.

Then it's the same routine all over again, until the next company comes along, and the next and then the next. Are you falling into this cycle as well? The only outcome from doing this "routine" over and over again is a big fat mountain of debt and frustration; not to mention the wasted time and effort going in and out of these programs.

If you have no marketing skills and haven't gotten any network marketing training, chances are your mindset for wealth creation may be a little off too. Why are you stacking the odds of success against yourself?

That is why it is very important for you to get the necessary marketing tools under your "belt" before you start your network marketing career or before you jump into another company. Training, marketing skills, systems, persistence, right mindset and consistent action equals success in any home business endeavor.

Sadly, most people lack skill in all the above and wonder why they are not having the success they want. Isn't it about time you stop failing your way through network marketing?
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