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Taking Care Of Your Employee

Nov 21, 2007
Your employees spend a considerable amount of time at their desks, typing and answering phones. You worry about your employees health as well as your own. What you may not consider is whether the office is helping to decrease their health which may decrease productivity for your business. An employee who sits at a desk in one position continuously for eight hours a day, five days a week may go home with a stiff neck or lower back pain.

They may not even mention it to anyone else in the office. They may even assume that it is due to lack of sleep. It may however, be related to the office equipment that they use on an almost daily basis. You can help your employees by replacing their telephone hand sets with hands free head sets. This will help your employees to refrain from holding the phone between their shoulder and their head or to free their hands from continuously being above their hearts causing pins and needles feelings in their wrists and hands.

Buying ergonomically correct chairs can help your employees too. They should be sitting high enough to hold their wrists at a level range, with their feet firmly planted on the floor. If your wrists are at irregular angles, holding them too high or too low, you may begin to notice tingling sensations in them from the pressure being placed on your wrists, hands and arms. It is also important to have your arm rests sitting high enough that your arms can rest lightly on them.

They should also be at 90 degree angles with shoulders and wrists. Place your chair close enough to the desk to keep pressure off of your shoulders arms and hands. Your knees should be at a 90 degree angle in relation to both your feet and your hips. Perhaps purchasing desks that allow for standing as well as sitting can help to alleviate discomfort on your back and legs. Spending too much time in one position adds unnecessary stress and strain to areas of your body. It is also important to avoid eye strain so purchasing light filters for computer monitors can help to reduce glare and squinting at a screen for forty hours a week.

If you are not aware of the symptoms associated with sitting uncomfortably for long periods of time, you may not notice your pains until it is too late. You may feel fatigue, stress, irritability and have shorter attention spans. If these problems continue, you may develop tendinitis, spinal injuries, nerve damage or even tears in the muscles. Some of these health problems are fixable with regular doctors care but some of them can progress to the point where surgery is necessary or can be crippling for life.
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