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Network Marketing Lead Generation

Nov 21, 2007
It is somewhat surprising to see the lengths to which many a network marketer will go in order to generate leads. Of course, considering that the common wisdom dictates that leads are what makes the business world go around, the fact that so many marketers will spend a lot of time, money and effort on finding or generating leads is not that outlandish a concept, what does cause a bit of a head scratcher, however, is the fact that by and large the follow through leaves something to be desired.

Network marketing lead generation ends with closed deals and does not simply become an undertaking for its own sake. Follow up is not something that comes easy, especially if there are some rebuffs. There may be unreturned phone calls, emails that will not earn a response and even canned answers that sound something like do not bother me, i will let you know if I want any piece of you. Yet in spite of these apparent rejections, it is vital that you recognize that these leads were generated because you had something of interest which caused someone else to contact you.

Capitalize on this interest, no matter how fleeting it might have been. Even a spur of the moment email sent to you in a frivolous mood that is later replaced with a more pragmatic mindset can end in a closed deal if you practice the proper follow up. This is where your ability to read personalities will be a most valuable asset. In the same vein, find out what caused a now seemingly disinterested consumer to contact you in the first place. Was it the name of the product? Perhaps the way you worded your ad was intriguing? Find out exactly which aspect of your business appealed to the individual or which perceived need you touched on and you will ascertain how your effort at network marketing lead generation will close this sale.

Of course, in some cases this is easier said than done and maybe someone has genuinely decided not to have anything to do with your network marketing effort at this point in time, yet remember that there is always tomorrow. Maybe it is not this month that the consumer will express an interest but what about the next month? Keep in contact with your generated leads at least once per month with the help of a newsletter. Such a publication will showcase your business, product, industry information and perhaps also have some lighter items that most folks enjoy, such as trivia, riddles, or amazing fact segments. The latter, by the way, will make it a most often forwarded piece of email and thus will quite possibly help you in generating even more leads.

As you can see, network marketing lead generation is only the first step of your successful business relationship model. Closing deals must come as a close second and should take up at least as much if not more time as finding the leads in the first place. Even as this will increase the time and effort you will spend on your business endeavor, you will be rewarded with a success to match your efforts.
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