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Nov 21, 2007
The old adage nothing ventured, nothing gained implies that while one party ventures, another party denies or grants a gain. At the root of this transaction is the power of negotiation. For the online entrepreneur, it is a tried and true statement that a global marketing network thrives on the power of successful negotiation and without that skill set you will find that you will not adequately harness the power of the Internet.

In its simplest form, negotiation is the art of giving up a little of your prerogative to take a big chunk of the same from the person on the other side of the business deal. Think of it as the tool that will get you what you want if utilized properly, yet that will keep you stifled and unable to accomplish anything at all if not honoured properly and applied conscientiously thereafter.

To successfully negotiate within a global marketing network, you need to first understand negotiation strategies from the point of view of the person with whom you are dealing. Specifically if the person hails from a different country where cultural differences will impact negotiation skills and methodology, you will need to understand what you are getting into prior to the onset of the negotiation session.

Next, you need to know your absolute bottom line. For example, if you must make at least $100 in a deal in order to just break even, would live easier with $150 because it will allow you to rid yourself of a business debt but want to really make $175 because it will not only rid you of the debt but also sock away some money for your own salary, then you will be wise to start your negotiation at a higher vantage point, say $225, so that you will be able to give in somewhat.

Starting much higher will make you seem unreasonable and the other person will know that you are grossly overstating your figure, while starting too low will not give you a lot of negotiation power that allows you to demand ample concessions from the other side in response to your lowering your price. Sometimes global marketing network fail because one party is not familiar with the art of negotiation and will try to simply impose their will on the other business person.

If you are the aggressor, please note that this approach will fail in the long run even if it succeeds in the short run simply because the other business person will not want to come back to the negotiation table with you. Similarly, the only time that an aggressive negotiation technique will pay off for you could be the event of a one time deal where you do not have to foster an amicable atmosphere or generate goodwill that may be advantageous for future global marketing network dealings.

Considering the fact that in the network marketing industry this almost never happens, aggressive tactics should not be utilized unless you are extremely confident that you are in the position of ultimate strength with respect to the negotiation.
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