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Link Exchange: Your Ticket To Better Page Rankings

Nov 21, 2007
Get the most out of associated and relevant sites by linking them to your own website! Link exchange could be your best bet to achieving that coveted position on search engines.

Any online business that's serious about getting noticed needs to adopt link exchange. It's because this popular marketing tool represents better search engine ranking, more visibility and popularity on the Internet.

What is it all about?

Link exchange basically entails exchanging banners and links with other sites that have associated content. This greatly improves one's chances at getting more site traffic as well as advertising each other's sites. Most of these link exchange programs are available free of cost. Once you find a website which has similar content you can contact the respective webmaster or site owner to request for their link to your site. In this way you can get more and more links to your site.

Targeted traffic

The reason why link exchange is so great is because by linking to relevant sites, you stand better chances at obtaining targeted traffic. This means that the traffic you receive on your site is already partially interested in what you are selling. This means your site can have better chances at selling its products online. By adopting link exchange programs you can in fact increase sales conversions on your site!

Paid or free

Many websites will offer you link exchange programs for an upfront fee. It's mostly because such sites are far more popular than other sites. By having your links on their site or getting access to their links, you stand better chances at gaining more traffic to your website. The ones that offer link exchange free of cost will usually be the less popular ones. However such sites will need to have at least a little bit of information that is similar to your site. It's because popular search engines determine page rankings based on the number of relevant sites you link with. Otherwise you will have to churn out at least a million hits - an impossible task, especially for a small startup company.

Quantity is not the only factor

Most of the popular search engines will determine your page ranking based on the number of inbound or on-way links as compared to the reciprocal or two-way links. Thus your link exchange program needs to focus more on one-way links to gain better page rankings.

Tips to get better results

First and foremost, try to keep the links as short and crisp as possible. Make sure to avoid using capital letters for all the words on the link - it affects readability. As an ethical practice, never delete any link exchange partner from your site, after they have placed your link on their site. When you perform follow-ups with the webmaster, you need to showcase why having your link on their site can be beneficial to them.

If you want to learn more, do not hesitate to visit the link attached. You will definitely be satisfied with what you can get from there.
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