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Anatomy Of Web Hosting Services

Nov 21, 2007
A web hosting service is the lifeblood of a business that operates from a website location on the internet framework. People from all over the world can access this site, if they have an internet address. The internet address in web hosting anatomy relates to a website in the same way that a name would relate to a person. People can contact a person by that name and people can contact a website using that name in the address line of a web page.

The body of an internet website can be created in a month using web hosting services such as a website builder tool. The website will go through the same development process that would allow a human to be created, but the human will require a longer amount of time to develop. The homepage could be considered the brain of the website and the associated pages could be considered the body parts.

The development of a child begins with an egg and evolves into connecting parts of the brain with the torso, arms and legs. A website gains a heartbeat from a web hosts server that is provided by a web hosting company. The databases on that server will give the website all the tools and applications that it needs to make intelligent decisions. A human relies on the brain to make decisions and the body parts to carry out the commands that are generated by the various modules inside the brain.

The anatomy of a human needs nourishment such as food stuffs to function properly. A retail website receives nourishment when the databases are loaded with images and descriptions of products and prices for those products. The sale of these items generates energy within a business website and the energy is expended when the website ecommerce package uses shopping cart software to complete the sale of products and it will also arrange to package and ship those items to the customer.

A human body requires clothing to protect a person's privacy. The anatomy of a website gains privacy through several methods. Each shopper has protection of personal data through firewalls installed on their home computer systems. When the website address is entered, the customer gains protection from firewalls that are set up on servers where the website resides. The registration process allows a customer to enter the website just as humans use a key to open a door.

The databases on a business website are also protected by encryption software. That software is attached to the shopping cart, the databases and every server that is used for the promotion of the website. Encrypting data serves as a protective factor to any information that the customer provides. The human brain is protected by a skeletal system and the body is protected by a thin layer of epidermis.

Every function for an ecommerce website can be compared to the anatomy of the human body. Without the help of humanity, the website will fail to thrive and will fade off into a non-existing state of readiness that can be compared to a comatose patient in a hospital ward. Web hosting marketing packages stimulate the flow of traffic to a website just as veins and arteries promote life in and allow a person to thrive and live a healthy and productive life.
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