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How Traffic Building Helps your Profits

Nov 21, 2007
Anybody who has been involved in internet marketing for any length of time understands how traffic building helps your profits. It is absolutely essential to build up a good flow of traffic to your site if you are to make anything worthwhile from your online business. The problem is how to do it, and that is a topic on which countless ebooks have been written. There are also people in the know that are able to find the information needed to make this task easy without breaking sweat.

There are some basic ways of driving traffic to your website and if you master these, you should have few problems in finding customers. First and foremost, there is search engine optimization. SEO is at the head of the list because if done properly you can get free adverts on the first page of the search results for your keywords on the major search engines. Search engine traffic is targeted traffic, and search engine marketing is big business.

One of the secrets of the use of search engine optimization in traffic building is to keep it simple. Simple and well designed websites win every time over the complex fancy creations with flash graphics and moving images everywhere. Search engines are not concerned with these: they want good original content that will satisfy the needs of their customers using their search engine to find information. If you do that then the look of your site is irrelevant. Google does not read graphics!

Keeping it simple, keeping the pages full of useful content, and avoiding repetition will help you achieve your goal. So too will changing content, and preventing your web pages from becoming stale with old content. This is where RSS can help, through presenting ever-changing up to date information on your topic. Blogs can achieve the same thing.

In fact, blogs can achieve many things other than attract search engines. Remember that your prime objective is to get traffic, not optimize your site. The SEO is a means to attaining the objective, not the objective itself. Blogging can build traffic themselves, without the need of website optimization. They provide fresh content and are usually right on topic, so they are usually a very popular means of two way communication between you and your potential customer. Do not underestimate the power of blogs, and every internet marketer should have at least one blog for every niche in which they are involved. A business blog can achieve just as much as a personal blog.

Website traffic can also be generated through direct advertising. SEO and blogs are attractive means of traffic building, but adverts can also be persuasive in securing that all-important click to the web page of your choice. An advert can be page-specific whereas blogs attract others to the blog page, and SEO generally works best on the home page. If you want visitors to another page you have two major ways of achieving that, and advertising is one. You can usually secure an advert on a relevant ezine for a fairly small advertising fee that will be calculated from the number of recipients on the ezine circulation list.

The second way is by means of article marketing. You can write an article on any topic contained on your website and then provide a link in your authors resource box. That link should lead the reader to a page within your site that relates to the article they have just read. If they click then they obviously want more information on the topic, so provide them with it. In fact, you can choose the page you want visitors to land on, and then write an article based on the contents of that page. Where live links are allowed, use anchor text that is the same as the keyword of your page. This may not always be possible, but it is very powerful when you can do it.

Did you take note when I wrote above about SEO usually working best on the home page? That is a fact, and the vast majority of prominently listed pages on search engines are home pages. If you could arrange it so that every page on your website was a home page, how neat and powerful would that be? I know you think it is impossible, but in fact it is not. There is a type of website called a portal site where one site contains links to lots of other websites on the same subject. Thus, a Caribbean vacation site, containing links to dozens of other websites, each specializing in a different Caribbean island.

Well, this idea can be extended so that one website is a portal site for lots of others dealing with a different aspect of your niche. Rather than having one website with lots of pages linked from the home page, have one website with lots of websites linked from the home page. Your web pages would then be the home pages of other sites, and so have a much higher probability of being listed high in the indices.

This would take a lot of work to achieve manually, but if you could do it, you would have an advantage over everybody else not using the technique. In fact, there is software available online to help you to achieve this very easily and quickly and to help you generate the content for all the websites with which the software will provide you.

It is there for you to find, if you look hard enough, but there are those who know where to find it and when it will become available. These are the people in the know that were alluded to in the first paragraph; masters of traffic building and of website generation.
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