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Hyperlinks Used In Professional Web Design

Nov 21, 2007
Hyperlinks generally refer to the highlighted words that we click in a web page to access different resources on web or the intranet. Hyperlinks are those margin elements in a web page that allow use to jump to an object on your world wide web, in other words hyperlinks are those trade and communication routes that bind them together across the electronic deeps. One of the most distinct advantages on a web page is that it can add dynamic element allowing a visitor to define his or her own interaction with the resources at the site.

A visitor can use hyperlinks to contact site through internal as well as external links like linking text in your web site to another web page within your web site, a specified location in any page on the web, a page in another web site on the same host machine, linking text in your web site to one or more e mail address and a resource anywhere in the web or the internet pages at other web sites, file transfer protocol sites and so on.

Some of the hyperlinks concepts are absolute and relative text addresses and different color schemes for text hyperlinks. You can use text, a graphic image or just a part of an image as a hyperlink. Hyperlink can connect to a location on the current web page, a different page in your web, or to a universal resource locator on the World Wide Web or intranet.

Hyperlinks can be defined in two ways as targets within current web sites or targets in other web sites. These two types of links arte sometimes referred to as relative that is to your own web site and absolute that is to entire web universal resource locators.

Ant web page text can have hyperlinks properties assigned to it. To know if the text is linked, move the cursor over it. The target appears or is displayed in the status bar. Usually the hypertext is displayed underlined. The visited hyperlinks are displayed in purple. To change default hyperlink colors, right click anywhere on a web page and select page properties. Click on the background tabs and use the hyperlinks, visited hyperlinks and active hyperlinks. Pull down the lists to change the color.

To set up a hyperlink you must have at least two pages in your current web, the hyperlinked page and destination page. Open the hyperlink page in the front page editor. In the hyperlink page select some text, clip art or image to be the hyperlink. Then visit edit menu. Click on hyperlink or create or edit link button on the tool bar. Create hyperlink dialog box as required. The list box displays all the pages of the web.
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