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The Secret Of The One Way Link Maniac

Nov 21, 2007
What does every website owner want? Good quality one way links to boost traffic of course. When you talk about link popularity what is meant by this is the number of quality one way links that will drive traffic to your website. All SEO experts agree that increasing one way links is the way to increase popularity, traffic and sales.

Reciprocal links are starting to lose their value in terms of link popularity. If you can avoid reciprocal links do it at all costs. Reciprocal links are dead, look for one way links, this is what you need to concentrate on to build traffic and link popularity. Do you think the major websites are exchanging links or do you think they are building one way links?

Submitting your website to as many directories as possible will increase your one way link popularity. Many of the specialized directories are indexed by the major search engines. Do not exchange links with directories, the entire purpose is to receive one way links from the directories. Also consider paying for submission to some important directories. By paying a fee directories will include the website in their directories in less than 2-5 days. There are many directories on the internet that are free; many charge a fee and some want a reciprocal link to be accepted into the directory. If you want to skip to the front of the queue the best way is to pay and the directories will move you to the top for inclusion. When submitting your website to a directory in many instances it will increase your ranking on the search engines and give you quality one way links to your website.

You need to write articles of quality, that are informative and educative, something the reader needs to know. Writing articles of high quality will ensure that your articles will be posted on many sites; a good article will get you a good number of one way links. You can write about anything from dogs, to computers, to personal training, to web hosting, heck you can even write about writing. Many of the article site do not offer any statistical analysis, but you can always use the search engines to search on your articles to find out information about it. Once the articles are written, you can submit them through article submissions services. To find these services go to the search engines and type in submit articles services.

Linking marketing is very important, one of the most important aspects of link marketing is keeping track of all the one way links. Targeted traffic is the key. It may take some time with your link marketing but in the end it will be all worth it. Every webmaster's goal is to have thousands of visitors every day. And the best way to receive targeted traffic is trough search engines and to get your website ranking well you need to get many quality one way links.

In conclusion, here are the best ways of getting one way links, submit to directories, write articles, join one way link systems, submit to social networks, post to blogs and write great content.

The formula is as follows one way links + Search Engine Ranking + Traffic = Sales
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David Marc Fishman created a system that help internet marketers with link popularity. The system establishes one way links on a directory . Another linking system helps with posting to a blog .
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