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How To Put Your Career Planning Back On Course When You Are Stuck In A Dead End Job

Nov 21, 2007
A lot of people feel that they are working at a dead-end job, that they have no hopes of career advancement in their present situation. However, such a perception is not necessarily the complete picture. You may yet find means of career forward move in a dead-end job. To know whether there really is any hope of career development in such a situation, please read on.

A sure sign of a dead-end job is when you find that you are in the same position for years on end. If at the time of recruitment you envisaged no career advancement, it might be fine with you. However chances are your career planning includes specific goals and targets.

If that is so, and you are yet to bring those goals to fruition, it is a dead-end job you are working at. You must not allow your work to go unrewarded at your workplace of many years.

If you are stuck at the same level of pay over quite a long period of time, you are in a dead-end job scenario with little scope of career development. Normally employers give pay raises to their employees at least once every year. Not getting that is definitely bad news.

The good news is that you have nothing to lose by asking your employer about an increase in the pay packet. In fact after a long time without a raise, your employer may actually expect to be asked for one! Therefore if your only issue is pay, you can fulfill your career advancement goals by negotiating a pay hike.

These are some of the signs that your job is leading you nowhere as far your career management is concerned. The important thing is you don't really have to remain stuck in such a scenario forever. You can take a number of proactive steps to give your career a fillip.

For example, you could go speak to your boss. What about asking for a raise or a promotion, if there is an opening? You want to let your boss know that you are not the kind of person who hesitates to make a career forward move for fear of the added responsibility that a promotion entails. Such an approach will definitely boost the cause of your career advancement.

Another step to get out of the rut of a dead-end job and make a strong career forward move would be to attract attention, albeit in a positive manner. Think about giving your job another chance and go to work. You can kickstart your career development agenda and create a tremendous amount of positive impression by going out of your way to get noticed.

Volunteer for the tougher tasks, cover for someone else in an emergency, work late to beat a deadline, and so on. Also make sure that your efforts are clearly visible to your supervisors. Your bosses may have been harbouring the mistaken notion that you are satisfied with your current job. You need to emphasise on the fact that you are capable of handling greater responsibility and prepared to take on new challenges.

Finally, you always have the option of a career change when everything else fails. It might be your last option in case you have a family to support or other responsibilities to take care of. However it is something you may have to look at if your career planning is to remain on track.
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