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Awaken The Wholesale Video Games Business Owner In You: Now!

Nov 21, 2007
Take a wider look around on the Internet, whether wholesale video games or general wholesale business - you will see that many self-employed people are owned by their business instead of the other way around. Just look at the numerous offline and online mom and pop stores- they take up to 12 hours or more of their owners time every day of the week. Ask if that is insane if you wanted to start a business for more luxury time?

These hard working self-employed business lovers spend all their time behind the counter, stocking shelves or doing other tasks. Why should they if life literally passes them by, and while some could afford to go on vacations, those vacations are too short and they are usually too worn out to enjoy their time anyway.

Are you in the same situation, or are likely to get in this kind of heavy situation? Instead of 1 or 2 weeks, you should take 1-3 months of solid paid vacation while your businesses run smoothly.

Furthermore, you should already know that there is a wide difference between people who just see and live by the present and people who have vision and live by their vision. The former are people who tend to just see what is in front of their noses. It kind of sickens me at some given days, but you cant really do much if you are not yet in that podium, so why bother your mind too much at such present?

Some self-employed business citizens cant envision themselves in a different situation or doing things differently. It is ok for some and I respect that, however, it is way too uncomfortable and fear of rejection and failure swallows the emotional feel within that future slam dunk for those who think they are one in a million, sounds familiar? No matter what the current situation is or how old you think you are - do not create and develop a business that will eventually own you.

Spend time evaluating the things you are doing now as well as coming up with ways on how you can become a true business owner, not just a business dude like myself taking the time to edit what is supposed to be an 8-15 minute instructional, exciting and motivational article like this one. Did I just say that?

Yes! Whether wholesale video games, general e-commerce wholesale business or the next YouTube star-constantly find ways you can run your business instead of it running you.

You will also be able to set your next wholesale business goals or come up with a new mission when you make it a habit to regularly review your business. Do not fall into the trap of becoming comfortable with your current business model. Life gets into a routine, you get your lovely home, the modern couch and friends get amazed by your stuff once growing stages hit average age, and all of a sudden quite some time has passed you by! What in this world, sounds familiar

It has already been predicted by countless authorities, at least the US economy will start to recuperate by 2010 or so. Where would you be in such time?

My exciting and challenging question for you is simple, do you have what it takes to get off your wholesale video games, e-commerce shop, wholesale business comfort zone or will you call yourself a night for a few more years to come? Oh baby, it surely sounds like music to my ears no matter what happens in the next months, how about you?
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