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Landing Your Dream Job: The Art of Sucking Up (a.k.a Impressing the Boss)

Nov 21, 2007
While many people think that finding a job is hard to do, keeping the job can be half the battle. With the way the economy is these days, turnover rates in many industries is higher than ever, and it takes a strong professional to hang onto their jobs for an extended period of time. While it is a joke among co-workers, there is some merit to be had when it comes to impressing your boss. While brown-nosing and conniving are never encouraged, there is a level of 'sucking up' that must be done in order to hang onto your job.

Why Worry About Impressing the Boss?
While many people feel that it is never okay to suck up to the boss, to a certain degree it is necessary. No, this does not mean to spy on your co-workers and deliver top secret information to the big wigs about the comings and goings of your peers, because you have to work with them too. What it does mean is going that extra mile to prove yourself to your employer and show them that they made the right decision when hiring you. If it ever comes time to make cutbacks or other tough decisions, you want to be one of the employees that stand out in the mind of your boss as somebody worth their paycheck, somebody worth having around for the long-term.

The DOs of Impressing Your Superiors
For those who may be having a tough time discerning between what are some of the good ways to impress your boss, here are some good ideas for ways in which it is okay to go out of your way to go the extra mile. Some or all may apply to your field of employment.

- Make an extra cup of coffee when you see they are swamped; one for you and one for them.

- Hold the door open when they pass by and you are already standing near it. People appreciate that.

- Ask them how their day is going when you pass them in the hall.

- Pick up the mail or the newspaper if you get there before they do in the morning.

- Start the coffee pot in the morning or refill the coffee pot if you make the last cup before the end of the day.

The DON'Ts of Impressing Your Superiors

- Compliment them on their outfit every day. Once in a while is fine, but too much is borderline harassment.

- Tattle to your boss about what other people in the office or workplace are doing wrong. Mind your own business at work.

- Get involved in their personal life. This can be dangerous down the line; know only what they offer you about their personal life.

- Show up too early or stay too late. Chances are they are not willing to pay you for it unless they ask you to do so.

Making an impression in your boss's mind is important if you expect to be very successful in your place of employment. There is a difference between brown-nosing and standing out; it is important to find that balance to have true success in your workplace.
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