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Start Work At Home Internet Business Without A Website

Nov 21, 2007
In this choice he can concentrate totally to learn the effective work at home internet business promotion ways, which he likes and establish his own website later on. He can also avoid the childish errors concerning the website, which he would do because he actually has not enough skills and know how.

You see, the construction of the work at home internet business website needs a lot of skills, especially as to the HTML. Think about the amount of product know how, HTML know how and the skill to choose between the different templates. Huh! And on the top of all those, your website should be unique and personal.

One more negative topic is that to establish a website for your work at home internet business requires money: template, hosting, autoresponder etc. And to what do you invest? The answer is that you will invest to the long term things without having enough know how. Would it be wiser to train and learn first with the cheaper ways?

You still have enough challenges with the starting of your work at home internet business and the biggest one is to learn to write a decent and productive strategy. That you will need anyway. The good news is that no newbie can do that properly, so you have just to start and to add know how during the learning process.

Here is a great proposal to start without your own website:

1. Start To Blog.
You see, the blog is like a website but free and quick to set up, it takes about some minutes to open one. You do not need any HTML skills or domain name. And you can, if you want, customize your work at home internet business blog and at the same time to learn the basics of the website building.

For the blog promotion you have to learn the search engine optimization and the keyword selection, which again helps you for your future website set up. The monetization happens by including hyperlinked textads naturally into the text.

Now your work at home internet business blog is your major medium, by which you can promote several affiliate programs. You can select the famous and proven programs, which are free to join. Of course you can add your earnings by setting Google AdSense ads on it and even banners of the affiliate programs you have chosen.

Why do I recommend the blogging? Because the work at home internet business marketing is mostly brand building. This means that you and your business must become a trusted brand before you start to succeed. This happens through your own blogposts. They will build up the picture about you as a serious and trusted business partner, who has establish his internet business and will stay in the Net for a long period of time.
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