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The Secret to Improving Your Sales Performance is Not Magic

Nov 22, 2007
Increased sales don't just happen, neither does improving your sales performance. It's NOT magic, it's the Process. You must not only understand the process but you must also follow the process consistently. Over the years, I have taught and personally used a simple 4-step process that is proven to work and has helped many marketers, just like you, achieve better results in their direct selling business (aka network marketing, mlm, etc.).

All too often as marketers in the Direct Selling Industry, we search for the magical lead, even though we know no such lead exists. In fact, we buy leads and even generate our own leads. We do this with a very high expectation level. This expectation level is that our prospect will buy what we are offering.

Whether we are retailing products or services, or offering the business opportunity, our expectation is the majority of the prospects will say yes. We even feel people would be stupid not to buy what we offer.

The problem here is we are focusing on ourselves and focusing on why we feel the prospect should buy from us. We are forgetting the fact the prospect buys for their own reasons, and their reasons alone, not ours!

As marketers, we can be extremely naive by expecting every prospect will say "yes" to our offer. Unfortunately, very few prospects will say yes. The result is we walk away frustrated and wondering why people are not buying from us. Of course, this frustration only becomes a reality in your business if you let it.

You can experience better results. You can sell more products and services. You can even get more people enrolling in your opportunity. The fact is you can have a steady stream of prospects (interested prospects) saying yes and doing business with you.

The key to getting more prospects saying yes and doing business with you requires you to understand your recruiting and sales process. This is a work smart learning gold nugget. The fact is you can increase your sales results and the increased sales begin with understanding your sales process. The result, if you understand the process, is increased sales.

What is the reality of expectations? Just a few moments ago, I was talking about how most marketers have high expectations. I want you to know it is OK to have high expectations, as long as you balance those expectations with reality. You can get better results and you don't have to work harder to get those results either.

Now here is the reality, your prospect does not care about you. They don't care about your product or service. And they do not care about your company or even your opportunity. The fact is your prospect only cares about themselves and what they want and need.

Further, your prospects (the majority of them) will never do business with you. But don't let the fact that very few people will say yes to you and your offer keep you from taking action or from working toward your overall business goals.

Just accept the fact that you are in part playing a law of numbers game. And keep in mind all games have rules. The rules also provide a guideline for you to follow. In the case of sales and recruiting, the guideline is the process. Your job requires you to understand this process and make certain you follow the steps of the process, especially if you want to achieve a high expectation level of results.

Now do not misunderstand what I am saying. Just because you understand your recruiting and sales process does not mean people will magically join you in your business or buy your products and services. You must also understand your strengths and weaknesses and develop from a side of your strengths.

TIP - You can short-cut your learning curve, improve your sales performance, and literally accelerate your success by going through a comprehensive Sales Skills Assessment.

The Secret to improving your sales performance is not magic. The secret is in the process. Again, make sure you learn and understand your sales process and that you take your prospects through the process. Consistency is critical.

Once you learn, understand, and are following your sales process, you can take your performance improvement one step further by getting a comprehensive sales skills assessment. The power behind the assessment is being aware of your strengths and then making adjustments in the process focused from your strengths.
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