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Multi-Level Marketing Home-Based Business, Is This the Right Choice for You?

Nov 22, 2007
If you are looking at home-based businesses and multi-level marketing opportunities, you may find yourself wondering what it takes to be successful at a home-based business. Some people are well suited for working from home while others would find the experience to be frustrating, unproductive and unfulfilling. Do you have what it takes to be a successful multi-level marketing business owner?

Personality Traits of a Successful Multi-Level
Marketing Home-Based Business Owner

Self starter
High energy and high level of motivation
Not easily distracted, focused on the overall goal
Able to withstand being turned down multiple times, even by friends and family
Displays strong leadership skills
Works well with people
Willing to guide and encourage others
Able to set and meet goals
Have great people skills and the power of persuasion
Self discipline
Belief in self and their business
Enthusiasm for their business
Good listening and communication skills

In addition to having the right personality, you should weigh the pros and cons of owning a home-based business before choosing a multi-level marketing opportunity.

Advantages of a Home-Based Business

You can work from home, choose your hours and determine your own level of commitment to your business.

You do not need an educational degree or specialized training to operate a home-based business.

Multi-level marketing businesses generally sell products that are already manufactured and are shipped directly to the customer from the supplier.

Multi-level marketing businesses offer the opportunity to earn continued profits from time invested in new recruits.

Most multi-level marketing businesses have a marketing plan and training system in place, saving you the effort of developing these key components on your own.

Disadvantages of a Home-Based Business

Most multi-level marketing businesses target your friends, family and acquaintances before approaching complete strangers. This can be uncomfortable for most beginning entrepreneurs and may cause relational tension among your close family and friends who are not interested in starting an MLM business of their own.

Some people are not comfortable with the selling aspect of multi-level marketing businesses. While new recruits can help increase your profit potential, selling products is still the backbone of any MLM business.

New recruits must be continually sought in order to continue to reap residual profits.

You may be required to purchase a set amount of products every month or may be committed to purchasing the latest training materials as they are available. This continued financial commitment could seriously offset your monthly profits.

Many people are turned off by multi-level marketing businesses, even when they are legitimate opportunities. They do not trust that the business plan presented to them is not illegal or a scam so they are not interested in anything that resembles an MLM business.

Embarking on a home-based business opportunity is an exciting and unpredictable adventure. Knowledge is the best tool for preparing your home-based business for success. Get the facts before you sign up and take an honest evaluation of your personality traits to determine if a home-based business is right for you.
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