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Business, Does It Ever Get Saturated?

Nov 22, 2007
When you talk about off line marketing or mail order, ads are always changed and tweaked, once they keep hitting the same list they tweak their ads, they tweak their sales letters, they tweak all their marketing materials. People study their particular business for a year or more before even attempting to start their business. And sometimes they even work with someone who is very successful in their trade before going at it alone. And these are the people that can master their particular marketing niche and be very successful in that short period of time.

Things do not get saturated if it is a true product and it is not a ponzi scheme or a scam. Those things are meant to get saturated, meant to close down in a very short period of time. Make sure you study your marketing, study what you have to do. We are teaching marketing and have training twice a week so that you can continue to learn and hone your marketing skills. Saturation is a myth. We have gone to affiliate programs that have been around for a long time, we come in there and make a ton of sales with the affiliate products. We have done this off line also. So I will say this again, saturation is just a myth unless there is something unethical going on, like a ponzi scheme, or a scam or something else is going on where the government will shut it down.

There are some people out there, actually more than just a few that capitalize on these things. They know that these ponzi schemes are here for the short run, there is a pre launch going on and I might get in and I will market to everybody there and make a lot of money and leave the people hanging. I do not believe that that is right, but there are a lot of people out there that do that. You have to watch out for them and stay away from them, because they are just using you as a person to make money off of. They try to do a bunch of sales and make a lot of money and then they are off to the next ponzi scheme or scam. So stay clear of those.

Some people ask me to give some examples of how to get past the illusion of saturation. For example, if you are participating in a pay per click campaign and you see all these people advertising the same company, how would we suggest to getting past that saturation.

If you are in a specific program, or any product that you are selling and you see lots of other people utilizing pay per click for their company, this is a perfect example for us to mold or blend on and off line. Pay per click, all that is, very simply, is a short classified ad. It is the same thing you use in newspapers and magazines, if you are using little classified ads or any other publication that will take the ad. The main thing that you have to do is, first of all it is a myth, you have to believe in your mind, I wrote about this in a previous article about how to control your mind and drive out fear and any other bad thoughts that do not belong in your mind that is negative. And believing in myths is a negative thought and you should push that out of your mind, take it a step farther and go prove it wrong.

Here is how you get around that. When you are in a market, all it simply is, it is not a myth, it is just competition, that is all it is. Competition is not negative, competition is good, we like competition, it makes us better and it will make you better as a person too if you had competition. Competition allows us to move forward into this world, we would not have the technologies that we have now if we did not have competition.

Competition forces people to bring out the best in themselves because they always have to come up with something better. We probably would not have the internet now, we probably would not have the advances that we have, probably would not have audio online. So competition does bring out the best in people. We use to use another audio company online, that was the first audio company that we used to put audio on a website.
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