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Nov 22, 2007
Nowadays more and more individuals are choosing to hone their skills into a business they can run out of their homes. These people are finding new ways to utilize their job experience and find clients outside of a traditional office. These independent individuals are taking advantage of the large number of people who need their skills but prefer to work with experts on a one-on-one basis, rather than being lost in a large pool of clients.

Information brokers, also referred to as professional researchers, are people who work for various companies and organizations, researching important information that is vital for their success. Many businesses hire these individuals to research for them because they do not have time to do it. Information brokers will use tools like the Internet, libraries, and other places that hold public records to search for the information businesses need to know. One popular job in this sector is being a private investigator, which allows for an interesting twist to an at-home job.

Real estate is another business people can take part in from home if they are able to get the proper certification. Individuals can also take advantage of fixing up old houses to increase their value and then reselling them for more profit. Flipping houses is a great option for individuals who handy around the house and is a lucrative business, but it can be costly due to the large investment at the start of the project.

Online sales jobs, like selling items on eBay and other online retailers, are great options for home businesses. There are a lot of opportunities to start this type of business, and it is open to a number of different people with varying skills. Not only can individuals sell their own goods, but they can be hired by others as well. This business option can lead to considerable amounts of income, depending on the quality and quantity of the items for sale.

Financial planning is another idea for an at-home business. Individuals set up a clientele who they help plan budgets and organize finances. The services generally involve planning for retirement, setting up college funds, or saving for big purchases like a house. Financial planners also suggest investments that their clients can make in order to save and make more money. Since there is a high demand for these professionals, due to many people having poor money planning skills, this job provides a lot of opportunity for work. Financial planners do need to have a clear understanding of investing and be knowledgeable on ways to save and manage money. They also need to have good networking resources since their jobs depend on the clients who hire them.

Becoming an auctioneer is another option for at-home workers. The auction business acquired nearly $217 billion dollars in sales in 2004 with $12 billion being from art, antiques, and other such goods, according to the National Auctioneers Association. Individuals can also establish a strong client base and then accompany their clients to auctions and help them buy goods for a fee. Auctioneers may also help clients sell their goods at auction for an additional fee. Networking and a working knowledge of the auction system are necessary skills needed to excel in this field.

If individuals have true skills as writers or publishers, they can set up shop in their houses to start cashing in on their talents. They can write anything from short stories or fictional novels to how-to books. These people can also write weekly newsletters or blogs that are geared toward certain groups of people. Writers are in high demand on and off the internet.

No matter the job, more and more individuals are now using their skills to start small businesses from their homes. These skilled people are able to provide valuable services to others while creating a more personal and intimate business setting. They can also spend more time serving their clients than bigger businesses can and have jobs that are more fulfilling and profitable.
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