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Article Submission Can Be A High Impact, Low Risk Marketing Tool

Nov 23, 2007
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Writing articles is much more than a mere hobby. To serious-minded online businesses, it represents a great way to market their company. Besides since it is a free resource, most companies have nothing to lose in the process.

Its origins

Article marketing was a very popular marketing gimmick used during the 1950s. Then during the later years it lost out on popularity due to other tools like SEO etc. However article submission has recently again witnessed a large surge in demand. The low cost and high impact nature of this tool is what has brought about its success.

The underlying concept

Article submission involves the submission of well-written articles about a company's products or services. These will also need to have appropriate placement of popular keywords related to the segment - in order to make the website more search engine friendly. Nowadays there are plenty of opportunities for article submission - right from blogging platforms to online forums to press releases - the list is virtually endless.

Article directories

There are a large number of directories available online which accept many articles absolutely free of cost. Thus article submission in such directories is an easy and hassle-free process. Most of the time, manual submission is needed although bulk submissions are also possible. There are some directories which charge a small upfront fee. However it may not make sense going about article submission with such sites when there are hordes of others offering the same thing free of cost.

Blogging platforms

You can also use a wide variety of blogging tools to spread the word about your business. These blogging platforms are free to use by one and all. Thus whether you wish to pre-sell your product or generate excitement about it before its launch - you can achieve all of this through article submission. Blogs represent an innovative way to advertise products, write product reviews which will influence public opinion and generate sales as well as provide specific benefits about a company or service - to generate more interest.


Many online forums exist today which allow for a free discussion of ideas and strategies. In fact by performing article submission in these forums, you can reach out to a wider audience. You can also select forums that cater to a certain age group or section of society. If your products and services are related to this segment, then your article submission campaign can really work wonders in generating targeted traffic to your site.

Turn your site into a traffic magnet

Through effective usage of article submission techniques you can transform your site into a center for large volumes of traffic. Not only will you start receiving tonnes of traffic, you can realize more sales too. It's because of an influx of targeted traffic.

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