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Aug 17, 2007
When thinking a home-based business, decide whether do you work well under the directions of someone else who has already built the business and you are entering in as a francise. If you donīt start something completely new, you will have to follow the instructions that have already been set in place.
The best way to judge if a business opportunity is legal and good for you is to make some research and homework. Start asking about the business, if you know someone who has joined a particular home-based business that you are interested in, talk to him about the positives and negatives. Good way is to join established discussion forums and ask there.

Think of the pros and cons of business opportunities and make a list of your requirements. It is a very personal judgement what works for you personally as much as it is a financial decision. If your choice is to invest in a home business or franchise that has a ready made concept, you will not start from scratch trying to find out something new for potential clients. This type of business operation will bring in profits faster than starting from scratch and you will have the full support in the initial phase and during the flow of the business.

The potential negative sides of joining a franchise is that out of ten online companies that offer to sell franchises and other business opportunities nine of them will collapse during the first five years of operations. When you are thinking this type of business, take notice as to how long they have been in service and what is there image in general.

After careful homework and thoughts about the money needed for investments and you have decided that a franchise is the model for you, think of the following:
do you like the products you will promote, does the franchise owner have an established, long term business record, has the company a strong brand for the opportunity and can the company offer training and support?

One of the absolutely best ways to make money online is affiliate marketing; this is a great method of making income without doing all the massive initial work. Having an established site that already makes money is the best quarantee to a succesful start.

If you have a web site that interests other webmasters, they will ask you to do a link exchange. Picking related linking sites will bring targeted ( = potential ) clients to your and linking sites. You don't want to link to just anyone.

This is a major aspect that is truly important. Make sure the incoming and outgoing links are related. If they are, then you can move on the list and actually think this site. If this site has totally another topic that you are promoting, just skip it. Here the quality is more important than the quantity.. You are looking for a targeted traffic only. If you link to a site that has of no interest to your site-visitors and the webmaster's visitors have none in yours it is of no use. The point is to link with a target market, which is interested of what you offer.
There are also links which some webmaster just posts, because they like your site. This is great but the links should be related in all cases. You want good links and only those. Search with chosen keywords on the search engines to find out what the top ranking sites are and try to exchance links with them.

The affiliate promotes the owners site with a link on his site. The ownerīs products and services are advertised with the link. When a customer will click the link and buys, the affiliate will get the commission, because that visitor found the link from the affiliate. The owner and the affiliate have made the agreement in advance, what the actual commission will be for a particular sale.
You want to get targeted visitors and be able to advertise these products and services on the affiliate site. If an affiliate has many different kind of businesses to promote, they need to have their own sites independent on each other. This will keep them organized and only get the targeted visitors who will bring in sales. Make sure that all the pages you advertise are themed and easy to find from major search engines.
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