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Optimizing For Search Engine Is Challenging Project

Nov 24, 2007
There are a number of aspects involved in optimizing a web page for search engine compliance and the real challenge comes from the fact that many search engines change the rules without telling anyone. Algorithms keep changing the standards by which web pages are judged based on key words, titles and meta tags, but two items have been constant since the last major modifications.

Search engine companies recognized the internet users' unhappiness with the old way of doing things, which relied on a web site's credibility to find them on the internet. The problem was, not all web masters were being completely honest about the content of their sites and users were finding pages that had nothing to do with the information being sought.

Today's search engines look for certain aspects of a web page's content as to its relevance to the search term entered by the user. If the pages that have been indexed by the engine match the term, the page is displayed on the results page. How high it ranks in the results will depend on how the information viewed by the search engine relates to the search term as well as how popular it views the page's content.

The popularity is determined by the number of links to the page from relevant web sites offering similar or related products or searches, when compared to other pages. For example, all other things being equal, if one page has 100 relevant links from other pages and the second page has 105, the second one will come in higher in the search engine ranking.

Search engine optimization plays a role in the network marketing for individual web sites more so than with those sites that are part of mlm network marketing as the sites that are optimized for search engines are generally not truly optimized for users. It is the individual site owners who can create a better chance of being found through content marketing efforts.
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