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Internet Marketing; Is It Worth It?

Nov 24, 2007
I couldn't believe the deluge of terms, offers, and general confusion associated with starting a business on the Internet. When I decided to make the plunge, I was almost immediately frightened away. For those who decide to stay the course and become Internet marketers, the rewards are staggering.

Hay, For less than twenty bucks a month I had my own domain, clean4profit.com set up and ready to go. Wow, how easy is that?

There are a few very knowledgeable people who will take you by the hand and lead you through the maze of mystification and into the light of success. Don't let your lack of knowledge hold you back. There are free e-books, manuals, courses and a host of material waiting for you on line. Why would anyone give so called secrets away? Why they make a little off the transaction by placing you on a list or selling you something in return.

It doesn't cost much to get started in a Internet marketing business. A few hundred bucks will suffice at first and when you start bringing in the cash you can increase as needed. Everything being relevant, the more you invest in time and money, the more and faster will be your return.

The claims of $30,000.00 the first week are hogwash. Maybe in a few years when you are spending $5,000.00 a week in your advertising campaign you will see these kinds of results. It's like any other kind of business. I had a carpet cleaning business; it cost $35,000.00 just to get started. I had to buy a van, steam cleaning machine, and supplies. Then, where is the business? I still had to go out and market my business to the public. The harder I worked at marketing, the more business I had.

Internet business is the same, the more you market your business the more you will make. Just because you have a website doesn't mean anyone will even see it. There are millions of websites out there, it's your job to stand out in front of the others and get people to visit your website. If you have done your presentation right, you will make sales. With the right mentors you can make it happen.

Don't be afraid to ask; the real professionals who are making millions will be happy to guide you along the road to success. Hay I happened to luck out and hook up with the most knowledgeable kid in the business, Stone Evens with http://www.pluginprofit.com (well I say kid, I'm sixty eight-years old) You know how some guys are naturals at what they do; well this is a superstar! He is the Pation Manning or Tiger Woods of the Internet. He badgers you every day until you can't help but succeed. You'll either cut him off or make a million following his detailed instructions.

Ok folks, if you are looking for a challenge and want to make a very good living, try Internet marketing, you'll find it well worth your time.
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Don Yates is a published writer of short stories, novels, and poems. He owns the website, http://www.clean4profit.com and http://www.rockeriders.com were he publishes articles of interest.
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