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5 Vital Factors You Must Consider When Choosing A New Job

Nov 24, 2007
Are you itching for a career change? If you are, then you are probably looking forward to a career dream find. Now dreams are fine, but you want to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground as well.

Finding a job that will amount to a career forward move can be difficult sometimes, but not altogether impossible. Especially if you keep your eyes open for a few pointers that will help your job search lead to a career job opportunity of your dreams.

The first thing you want to look at on a job search is the tenure of the prospective job. A short term or temporary job fulfills your immediate need of income, but a job that lasts maybe a few months obviously cannot go on fulfilling that need.

On the other hand, a long term job is a sound career planning move because it has the potential to provide you with income for years to come. A long-term job is what you need if you have a family to support; it also provides you the security to quit the stable job you have at present. Therefore your career transition goals will be best served when you look for jobs that are anticipated to be of a long-term nature.

Another factor that is crucial for you in a new position is the prospect of career advancement. If you want to be a high achiever and regularly set goals for yourself like a better salary or a supervisory position, it is necessary to find a company whose philosophy suits your career planning. Promotion from within gives you a good chance of a career forward move.

It makes sense to find out companies that advertise the fact that it is their policy to promote from the ranks. Such employers actually like to hear of your ambitions of career development, so it is advisable that you mention this fact in your recruitment interviews.

Now you don't have to be told that a good pay packet is something that is extremely important when you make a career transition. You need to be realistic in your salary expectations, though, if you want your job search to yield some results quickly.

On the other hand, you would not like to take a pay cut unless there are some extra benefits that you do not get at present. You need to work out the comparison to see if the gain from higher benefits sets off the loss from a lower salary. A sound method would be to draw up an all-inclusive budget. That will help determine the minimum amount of money you need to earn to pay your bills and support your family.

Health insurance is another factor when you contemplate a career change. Some employers don't provide health insurance coverage at all for their employees; others may do so only after a three-month lag. This bridge period may be a cause of worry unless of course you get health insurance through a family member, like your spouse. Your present health insurance coverage may be extended for a monthly fee, but most of the time even that extended coverage has various restrictions like time limits.

Distance from home remains an important career planning issue when you make a career transition. Location of your new job is not necessary a deterrent if you consider other important features of the job, and if you are willing to commute. But you would want to factor in the price you have to pay for commuting long distances when you consider the pros and cons of your new job offer. Jobs that are located far away from your home require extra travel time, reducing the quality time you could otherwise have spent with your family. You also need to examine the actual cost of gasoline and depreciation of your vehicle.
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