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Do Not Forget the Little People

Nov 24, 2007
Your sleepless nights are paying off! You have worked really hard to get where you are today! You have slaved and sacrificed, but you can now say it was worth the effort. Your business has become a profitable venture, something you can truly be proud to have raised from a nagging idea to a venture that employs several people in the community. Go ahead. Give yourself a pat on the back! You deserve it! Now, do not forget the little people.

Actually, no little people exist in your world of success. The expression is simply referring to the individuals who helped you reach your professional goals. Be honest! You may be the boss, but without your customers, your employees and the family, where would you be today?

Yes, you deserve some accolades, but do not forget to give credit where credit is due. Remember the customers who brought you business when you first opened your doors, and kept coming back for more products or services. You need to do something to show your appreciation to the people who helped your business grow and prosper.

Your employees have also been there in times of plenty and in times of famine, professionally speaking. Without your workers, it would have been impossible to enjoy the success you are experiencing today. Show your employees you appreciate their labor. A bonus would be nice! If bonuses are not feasible, flowers and a large box of celebratory donuts would be a nice touch.

Last, but most importantly, pay tribute to your family. The people who love you the most have suffered through you periods of fear and frustration. You probably were not the most pleasant person to live with, at times. Likewise, your spouse and kids are ever present to be your loudest cheerleaders, to spur you on to professional victory. When everyone else went home, and you were left alone with the books and the events of the day, your family waited at home, to give you a hug and a word of encouragement.

You family has foregone a lot of quality time, so you could nurture your business along during the lean months. Despite your best efforts, you probably missed some ballgames, concerts, or other school events. When you were worried about the business, did you still have time to remember your anniversary?

Right along with you, your family took the same risk you experienced when opening a new business. Yet, the family had faith in you to do the right thing, and bring this venture to fruition. If you have not told your family how proud you are of them lately, now is the time. Then, take them to do something fun and spend some quality time with you and your undivided attention.

Yes, you earned your moment in the sun. But, you have a lot of people who deserve your gratitude- your faithful customers who kept coming through your open doors, your employees who put up with you and the challenges of a new business, and your family who stuck by you and loved you, even during times when you were not very loveable. Give thanks, and then keep up the good work.
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