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Multi Level Marketing Is No Longer On Trial

Nov 24, 2007
Network Marketing - Multi Level Marketing (MLM) has received a bad reputation over the years. Today, people are beginning to take note of a business model that has evolved into a genuine and powerful profit generating machine. Network Marketing - MLM is making companies world wide millions of dollars in sales annually and expanding their reach into every continent of the world.

There are thousands of people in Network Marketing - MLM today, in fact, 55% of the US population has purchased or used a product or service that was distributed via Network Marketing - MLM just in the last two years.

MLM - A proven business model

Every day business professionals, large and small companies and home based business entrepreneurs are jumping into Network Marketing - MLM Why? Because it works! It's not on trial anymore. It's a proven business model, with 25 billion dollars in sales last year alone just in the United States.

The list of companies who are now using the Network Marketing - MLM business structure is quite extensive. There are well over 1200 companies in the US and Canada and 5 to 6 hundred foreign companies who are now classified as a Network Marketing - MLM company. Some of these well known and reputable companies include:

Amazon(dot)com, Watkins, ServiceMaster, Aerus(Electrolux) Melaleuca, Shaklee, Ameriplan USA, Nature's Own, Amsoil, Oxyfresh, West Bend Company, Rawleigh, International.

Don't re-invent the wheel

The best and safest way to be successful in Network Marketing -MLM is to learn from others who have been there and done that and know what they're doing. Learning from other people's mistakes will give you a shortcut to success in this business.

As an affiliate it helps to be plugged into a reputable company with a generous pay plan who care more about your success than making a quick buck.

Many companies will try to lure you into selling their products with promises of big money but what they don't tell you is that you have to sell lots of overpriced products that people can just buy in their local Wal-Mart for much cheaper.

One reason why so many fail in Network Marketing - MLM is because they're told to sell, sell, sell, and are never taught how to build a business relationship with their customers or downline.

What to look for

The first thing one must look for in a company is management integrity and experience. Who are they and what is their track record for success?

Next is, have a look at their pay plan structure. Most people have no idea what to look for, if that describes you, get some help from successful network marketers who have the experience to discern between the good and the bad. If you join a company with a lousy pay plan structure you could end up wasting a lot of time and money.

The old MLM pyramid schemes that gave the industry a bad name made the guy at the top filthy rich while everyone at the bottom lost everything. While there are many different MLM structures today that work, some pay much better than others.

Do the math and find out how many people you need in your downline to get paid well for all your time effort and investment. If the number is large, be prepared to work long hours just to make a small profit.

It' all about helping one another succeeed

Network Marketing - MLM is all about people, it's not about products. Yes, products are important, but if all you do is sell products, people will eventually go somewhere else to buy those products.

Build relationships, become friends and you will have a customer and friend for life. People helping people is the only way any marketer is ever truly going to be successful and produce a residual income for life.

Learn from Network Marketing - MLM veterans who really care about your success. There is a difference. Some Network Marketing - MLM veterans care more about building their own empire and have no care or thought about who they step on along the way.

Networking with people is very rewarding when you can find a reputable company with a good pay plan and an upline who are committed to your success.
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Ron Beauchamps is a Writer and Business Entrepreneur who helps people who have been burned by Network Marketing/MLM companies. Visit Marketing Success
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