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Aug 17, 2007
Many individuals are looking for great ways to earn money. One of the fastest growing trends is to work at home. Working at home is a fantastic way for mothers and fathers alike to work from home while being with the kids. Just as much, when one works at home, it can save a great deal of money on gas and other expenditures required to get to and from work every day.
While the Internet offers many work at home programs, people need to be cautious about the work at home programs that are available because not all work
at home programs are legit. Such fraudulent programs may include some of the following: stuffing envelopes, telecommuting with potential customers, and posting advertisements for various companies on the Internet.

Stuffing envelopes sounds like an easy work at home job. The companies that offer these services claim that their work at home employees earn an upwards
of $1.00 for every envelope that they stuff and send out. In often case, this is not true. Most of the envelope stuffing companies are not legit, as money must first be paid for a kit, and then an information kit is provided. Many people think that making money stuffing envelopes is a great way to earn money from home, when in fact, it truly isn't. These companies will often send people lists of names, sometimes including phone books from various cities. The worker must then try to send out envelope advertisements to
particular individuals. The workers will only get a percentage of the profits made from a sale. So the claim that thousands of dollars can be made in one week is simply not true with stuffing envelopes as a work at home job.

There are also companies that try to recruit workers by stating that they can call potential customers from their home. Just as the envelopes that are to be mailed out, many of the workers profits rely heavily on the sales that are made from potential customers. Long distance charges can apply when a work at home telecommuting job is in practice. Many people cannot afford the long distance bills that they will receive, and if any money is made from the calls, it will be not enough or just enough to pay for the long distance charges.

Other ways that companies try to profit from those that seek a work at home job are Internet companies. Some organizations claim that if you work for
them to help advertise their company, that you will be paid. The work may include sending out e-mails, as well as posting advertisements in chats and forums. This type of advertisement is often seen as spamming. When an advertisement is spammed, the Internet e-mail, message board and or chat server is notified. In turn, these servers will block any future advertisements that come from particular IP addresses. That being said, trying to earn money from posting advertisements is a very difficult way to work at home.

Individuals enjoy being able to work at home. With the right research, anyone can earn good money with a reputable company working from home. To work at home truly is a blessing for many people, and continues to be an ever popular trend among individuals today.
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