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How To Prevent Prank Callers Using Reverse Phone Detective

Nov 24, 2007
So envisage. You are sound asleep on a work night and relishing the fact you are getting a beneficial nights rest and will awaken fresh for work and to deal with the day in front. All of a sudden, your telephone begins to ring and you're awakened in the middle of the night with a start. You answer the call in a fog, simply to discover it was a prank call! You try to go back to sleep but now you are angry that someone would prank call you and finish up tetchy and blear-eyed at work the following day.

SO how do you terminate these prank callers from destroying your day and stop them from badgering you ever again? Well if you had signed up to a reverse telephone search service then you could nip prank calls in the bud.

I believe virtually all of us have been prank called at one time. Occasionally they only occur once but occasionally, what begins as a prank call can blow up in to torment.

A couple of years ago the only way you terminate prank callers would be to alter your number, a big inconvenience, or seek to get the telephone company involved or maybe hire a private investigator that would cost you many hundreds of dollars and take a long time to discover the identity of your prank caller.

You could try out one of the free reverse phone search directories online but they simply carry information for publicly listed landlines and unless your prank callers is a complete half-wit it is uncertain you'd get the data you require.

A better choice for you probably would be to find one of the premium reverse cell phone lookup services on the internet. You'll more than likely have to pay a small fee to join these sites but then you gain access to millions of accurate and extensive cell phone records that you can search as much as you like.

Many of the fee based reverse cell phone lookup services also have additional options such as a people research database that will give you data such as a individuals former addresses, their relatives and neighbors amongst other things.

To search the owner of a prank call phone you just need to enter the area code and seven digit phone number and in mere seconds you'll hold the owner of the phone numbers full address and full name and means you are able to stop that prank caller.

So now you've got the prank callers name and address and additional information. Once they call again why not use their full name and demand why they are doing this. For most prank callers that would put a stop to their fun.

If they do not stop though you have the info to be able to get the law involved or if you have to lodge an harassment charge about the caller. It is rare you'd have to resort to those lengths though. Once the prank callers acknowledges you know who it is that's generally adequate to get them to cease.

Therefore remember, if you would like to stop a prank caller, acquire data about them and use that information against them and put an end to your sleepless nights.
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John Wood has written many articles reviewing the various reverse cell phone lookup services available on the internet. You can start your own free reverse phone numbers search and read more articles at his site Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup.
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