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Do Free Reverse Cell Phone Directories Exist?

Nov 24, 2007
A question a lot of folks enquire is whether or not there are free reverse cellular telephone directories are actually available on the web. Well, regrettably the reply is a resounding no. Please read on to discover why.

If you do happen to spend some time searching a free reverse cellular phone directory then you'll likely chance upon a few directories that state they perform free cellular telephone lookups but actually they generally will solely reveal to you what the carrier is or maybe the location the telephone number was issued and no actual data about the owner of the phone number such as full name or address.

Once people come to the realisation that a free complete reverse phone lookup directory does not exist, they could wonder why. After all you are able to get plenty of free reverse lookup services for landlines. So why not cell phones also?

The large difference is how land line and cellular phone data is classisfied. A home land line telephone number is believed to be public domain and has been for a lot of years. You never get asked if they can print your land line number in the phone book, as a matter of fact occasionally you have to pay up for them not to include it!

Cellular phone numbers are broadly speaking looked upon as more private, becuase you're charged for every call made to you including from people you don't actually want to speak to (like telemarketers). This is how come cellular phone numbers are tougher to find and acquire data on who owns them.

Some years back there was some news about assembling a cellular phone lookup directory. It would have entailed all the different cellular phone suppliers adding their numbers to the database which would be publicly visible. But concerns about telemarketers and the cell phone number owners privacy meant the idea was vacated.

There are reverse cell phone lookup services though, who have expended tens of thousands of dollars and man hours manually compliling millions of different cellular phone records. Becuase of the time and monetary value needed in arranging this it in truth can not be provided just as a free service.

On many of these sites you have to join and pay a small fee. But, you can be assured that the information you will receive back will be all-encompassing and up to date and features celluar phone records for the entire United States. Simply enter the area code and seven digit number of the number you want to get data on and after just a couple of seconds you'll be supplied with full name, address etc.

On many of the fee based lookup sites you also get additiona services such as people lookup databases, so you will be able to get even more information about the phone numbers owner including relatives, neighbours and more.

Many of these reverse cell phone lookup services offer money back guarantees, so if you aren't happy with the results you receive back you can request a refund straightway.
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John Wood has written many articles reviewing the various reverse cell phone lookup services available on the internet. You can start your own free reverse phone numbers search and read more articles at his site Reverse Cell Phone Number Search.
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