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Employment Services: Do You Need Them?

Nov 24, 2007
There has become an increasing need for employment services due to the need for skilled and non-skilled employees in various sectors, including manufacturing, service and sales industries.

Acting as a consulting or mediating business, they can be an excellent connecter between jobs and job seekers. They are considered a way to provide equal opportunities for both employers and employees.

Nowadays, most companies have openings for both temporary and permanent jobs in differing categories, where the job requirements range from a need for those that hold bachelors and higher degrees to skill-based abilities. Employment services usually cater to the needs of a company through three sectors, these being contract placement; contract to hire placement and direct placement.

Employment services provide contract placements to companies that do not have a need for full time professional staff. Skilled employees are sometimes hired on a contract basis for a specific project, and their contract is finalized when the project ends. These companies rely solely on agencies because the agencies have the necessary resources to fulfill their requirements.

The contract to hire placement avenue is a slightly different alternative to contract basis jobs. Here, the temporary employment is commenced, but may be extended or converted to a full time employee contingent upon circumstances. With this placement, the employer and employee get to familiarize with each other and can then decide whether their working relationship will continue.

In the case of direct placement employment services, the placement is full time. Additionally, this placement is based solely on the personal attributes of the candidate, similar to a typical employment situation.

It should be remembered that employment services are able to provide an admirable partnership between the two parties, employer and employee. They have prior knowledge of both what the company is seeking, and what the skills, attributes and requirements are of the potential employee. Their objective lies in providing a happy union between the two parties. They are capable of providing the right professionals to meet the different human resource needs of a company.

Employment services have, as a main aim, to train, groom and improve human resources because of the responsibility placed on them to match employer and employee within the resources they have on hand. A good service will undertake extensive research both with employer and employee to ensure this match is mutually satisfying.

To make employment services more easily accessible to companies and job seekers, their presence on the internet is prolific. The job openings are instant, and decisions are considerably swifter due, of course, to the very nature of the internet.

Online advertisements, blogs and websites exist where you can look for jobs or employees through the internet. In fact, by virtue of the nature of the internet, online employment services meet the needs of both the employer and employee in a considerably faster and superior way.
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