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Employment: The Winds of Change

Nov 24, 2007
One of the many tasks we have as an adult is to seek employment, and how easy or hard it will be to find a job is affected by many factors within the job market.

There are a number of careers that will continue to face a demand, while others will face an excess which makes it difficult to find employment within your chosen field. Another contributing factor is that, historically, many folks spent their lives living relatively close to their hometown, whereas nowadays it is common for individuals to seek employment much further afield. Your home station no longer dictates where you will work. In fact, with the internet now factoring largely in everyday life, it is no longer necessary to even leave the home to find a viable income source and steady employment.

Affected too by the internet is the use of the newspaper classifieds as a great source for finding local employment, specifically in the way in which a job search is attempted. Gone are the days of physically running from one place to another, turning in resume after resume. A good example of this is online job fairs. With online job fairs, individuals can send inquiries and resumes over the internet in the click of a mouse. This saves time and gas for the job seeker, rescues employers from massive piles of application letters and means the only face to face contact is left until the time of interview.

Finding employment in a certain trade can now include subscribing to trade magazines, googling a specific career, or even moving to where your skills are in heavy demand. When an individual has a specialized career, more often than not they will belong to a special association or union. A membership with these organizations has a number of benefits, including knowing which companies are hiring and what benefits are commonly offered.

Checking out company websites and the included links to information and contact numbers can be the key to landing employment, as it makes your task of researching the company concerned much easier. You can also check out forums and message boards where members can give each other firsthand career advice, and inside information that can be very helpful in your research.

Over the last five to ten years, the instability of the job market has prompted many individuals to explore the option of self employment. The self made entrepreneur has become quite the rising star as a number of individuals look to find a way to do what they love. Their desire to generate solid income and pay the bills have resulted in some of the newest and best products seen in years. It is no longer necessary to procure extensive start up capital, as individuals are able to finance themselves with 401k's or small loans from friends and relatives.

The entrepreneurship that starts out as a small garage based business and expands rapidly to become very profitable is no longer rare. With the innovations and possibilities now available, especially through the internet, these small operations are making huge inroads into the traditional employment arena. The dream of self employment is still held by many, and the human mind is extremely capable of producing some wonderful ideas.

In the past, these ideas were relegated to the too hard basket. The resources needed to put these ideas into place were difficult, elusive and the budding entrepreneur was left struggling with a blank canvas. The internet has broken down these barriers, giving us the tools to turn these ideas into reality, and providing steady, sustainable income from reliable and self satisfying employment.

Our next step is to promote this strategy as a viable source of employment to the younger generation, guiding them into using the internet for its most powerful tools and not just as a source of entertainment. Most are certainly grasping the crazes of social interaction, but many have not yet explored this social interaction as a means of income, or employment, seeing the two sectors as separate. I guess time will tell.
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