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Nov 25, 2007
There's tons of money to earn in blogging. Is it true? You probably heard of it from other people and read about it all over the internet. But does it really sum up to a reasonable amount? Does monetizing your blog earn you a living? The answer is actually yes. All it takes is patience hard work and some great content for your blog.

There are many ways to earn with your blog, there are direct methods which you earn money directly from your blog. There are many ways of selling advertising space on a blog but some of the different advertising options that bloggers experiment with include:

Contextual Advertising - Programs like AdSense and YPN (beta) are very popular with bloggers and are probably the most common income stream being used by them today (MSN are developing one too).

Impression Based Ads - Impression based ads pay a small amount for every person who views the advertisement. The amount that they pay varies from program to program (and ad to ad) and is generally a fraction of a cent. There are a variety of ad systems around like this including Fastclick and Tribal Fusion. Impression based ads will not earn you much if you do not have a lot of traffic but can be great if you do.

Other Ads Systems - AdGenta, CrispAds, Clicksor, Intelli Txt, Peak Click, Double Click, Industry Brain, AdHearUs, Kanoodle, AVN, Pheedo, Adknowledge, YesAdvertising, RevenuePilotTextAds, SearchFeed, Target Point, OneMonkey, and TextAds.

The other way to earn from blogging is through indirect methods which you earn money because of your blog, examples are:

Consulting - when you are perceived as an expert on a topic you will find that people naturally come to you for advice - some of them willing to pay for it. Some niches are probably better positioned than others for their bloggers to get into paid consultancy work of course.

Employment Opportunities - bloggers are increasingly being targeted by companies because of their demonstrated abilities in their field of expertise. Companies do have access to blogs with content in the same field. Its one way to showcase your skill and expertise in a certain field.

Business Partnerships - One of the benefits of blogging about a niche topic that interests you is that you will begin to connect with others who have similar interests and expertise. As you interact with them it is amazing to see the opportunities for working together that arise.

These are only example of ways to earn money blogging, there are more ways to mention and would be very helpful for a growing blog which has already started earning and would be taking a step further in earning more.

Finally, and most importantly making money with blogs would rely on providing useful content that shows an understanding of your niche. Use your blog not only to report and relay information but to also show initiative in proposing solutions. Be active in your blogging and take the lead in the conversation rather than just react to it. Expanding your network within your niche, work on being connected with other key players (big and small).
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Hunter Crowell is a researcher, avid money maker, and creator of How To Make Money Blogging, a web page setup to help bloggers earn cash. http://www.make-money-explained.info/blogging.html
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