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Nov 25, 2007
How many websites are dedicated to ebooks that claim to have the best marketing network tips that money can buy? How many of these ebooks really do contain that magic silver bullet which puts all other marketing tips to shame? The answers are legion and none. At this point in time it should be common knowledge that there is no secret to multi level marketing or network sales but instead that this is the kind of business that relies on a variety of skill sets.

Some learned some innate and because it is such a high volume and high contact line of work, only a few will truly succeed, while a vast majority will have only a moderate success and the remainder will simply fail and eventually walk away. As a matter of fact, if one were to crystallize the one best marketing network tip that anyone could possibly offer it is simply this, practice your people reading skills.

Practice people reading skill is the best marketing network tip not only because you are doing business with people who will hopefully become buyers of your product but also because you are working with potential candidates for your down line and these new distributors need to not only be recruited but also later trained, motivated and helped to succeed individually and in conjunction with your position in their up line.

A network marketer who is unable to deal with people of vastly different temperaments and character traits will soon find that her or his sales will lag behind and the down line never really seems to materialize. Even the best marketing network fall victim to a network marketer who is unable to relate to individuals who are different from her or his own personality, background and in some cases even race or creed.

Yet in a global marketplace that is not showing signs of contracting but instead only continues to expand further, a failure to adequately relate to people with other personality makeup not only becomes necessary but instead it is a matter of business survival. To make your MLM business the best marketing network you have the power to mold it into studying the personality traits of those who are different from you.

Books and online materials abound that speak of different personalities, their traits and also the way to speak to them from a business point of view and also their weaknesses and how to deal with them when seeking to overcome objections and finally close that deal. For the sake of your down line, you also want to learn how to help those with weaknesses in their characters that are different from yours so that you will be equipped to adequately motivate and train such individuals to maximize their productivity.

Refuse to fall for any more marketing gimmicks, ebooks, how to presentations and anything else that requires you to part with your hard earned money and instead invest your time and energy in learning about other personality types, their foibles, how to recognize them and most importantly how to deal with them.
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