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The Rewards of Writing Articles

Nov 25, 2007
Do you enjoy writng articles about various themes or topics and enjoy the challenge of trying to be the best in a very competitive industry. Building websites and trying to make them perform better that masses of websites numbering in the millions can be a great learning experience if it fits into your nature.

Success in Tomswebsites has come in varying degrees but through the years he has learned a great deal about search engine optimization and has run the gamut for various come and go methods to make the search engines happy. Google as expected is constantly in a stste of change regarding it's ranking algorhythm and. It is said that their end goal is to please the consumer and provide better search results for the user.

To that end result, webmasters are constantly making every possible effort to incorporate techniques that will meet the demands that Google requires for a quality website, we have seen the constant discussion regarding reciprocal linking. This was simply a process where webmaster exchanged links in order to provide some form of authority support for each other's website.

The theory is that if a website that has a strong rank as seen by Google, links to another website, then that website must have some sort of validity within it.This process became over used and soon we saw discussions that revolved around the issue. Tom Henricks wrote one such article titled "Is reciprocal linking dead" several years ago. I believe that discussion and question remains valid yet today.

Another reciprocal linking article that is valid yet "Follow Up "Is reciprocal Linking Dead" discusses reciprocal linking techniques and efforts of webmasters. Then articles surfaced stating emphatically that yes- "Reciprocal Linking is dead". Without doubt, the value of reciprocal links has diminished to a high degree. This is not to say they have no value at all though.

We have seen the rise of techniques such as social bookmarking, blogs, tag and ping and lately much emphasis has been place on the website's own linking structure. Through out this whole evolution really should bear in mind one important issue. Regardless of the who analysis algorhythm used by search engines, quality content within websites will prevail in the end. That is the goal of search engine analysis and they are constantly getting better at this analysis game.

Tom is amused often by searches of articles he has written. He observes plagiarism of articles such as " Water Softener VS Water Filter" and " What is the Magic in a Hibiscus Plant? ". It is I guess some form of compliment or flattery when a would be author takes an article and rewrites it (often poorly) and submits it as his own work.
The whole challenge is exciting and when you experience some degree of success, a great feeling of satisfaction will be your reward.
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