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Portal Feeder - How To Do Article Marketing For Profit

Nov 25, 2007
Article marketing has captured the imagination of many striving to earn a dollar online over the past 12 months. It's simplicity is an appealing alternative to some of the more technical aspects of internet marketing.

One of the best learning environments online, Portal Feeder 2.0 preaches the importance of resisting the "too good to be true offers" which inundate our inboxes everyday and learn to build a business with
a solid foundation.

Some of these techniques may work for a short time however, nothing beats solid long term building strategies which can withstand sustainability issues in time.

Article marketing should form part of your overall strategy and done right, can generate tons of free traffic to your sites over a long period of time.

But is it a simple process? How are you doing with your article marketing? Are you getting the traffic you thought you would and are people clicking through to your site from your resource box?

These are all valid questions and ones you should consider carefully before spending the time and effort on crafting an article on your chosen topic. After all, why waste the time and effort in producing an article if it's just going to become another "square byte" of wasted real estate online.

Let's take a look at some of the deadly article marketing sins you should avoid to ensure you achieve ongoing success with your writing online.

1. Craft a compelling title. Include your keyword in the title usually at the beginning.

2. Depending on how long your keyword or keyword phrase is, include it twice in the title. You could also use your main keyword and a synonym but again, watch the length of your title.

3. Avoid writing your article in the me. Do not use "I" statements. This is especially important when crafting an article aimed at directing a reader to your resource box to view your offer.

4. Avoid writing the article as a news story. If it's an offer you have, the article should be offering a solution to a problem. People go online looking for solutions to problems and if you don't have it, they will quickly move on.

5. Avoid using a closing paragraph. A good article marketer will end his piece in such a way that the resource box will act as the closing paragraph.

6. Your resource box must be compelling enough for people to want to click through to your site. Mention benefits in your resource box.

There is pain in the online learning process and it's one of reasons over 90% of hopefuls don't make it. If you have the patience and work ethic, then success will come your way. Articles have the ability to act as your own personal team of salespeople for a very long time.

Once you master the skill of article marketing, you'll be light years ahead of most of the struggling internet marketers online today.
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