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Organization Without Hospitalization - In Your Home Office

Nov 26, 2007
Nothing is more frustrating or can cause your blood pressure to rise like being unable to find something when you need it. As business owners, our focus is on generating revenue. Things like replacing the staples or putting the scissors back in the drawer is not a top priority. However, the busier we are the more important our organization should be. Also, it's not a good thing to expect your spouse or business partner to know where everything is, either. I've tried and failed.

Many of us find the time to do things over but seldom take the time to do things right in the first place. Things like having to create a new file because you can't find the same one you made last week - because you didn't take 30 seconds to store it in the right place.

Being able to find things quickly - like printer ink - when your printer runs out can save not only time but also temperament. Searching through desk drawers, or worse yet, having to shut down and go buy more is a real time waster - especially when you know there is a supply somewhere in your office.

The office supplies that you maintain in your home office will depend on your budget, as well as your business. Nevertheless, don't let your desk become your storage area for your supplies. Use a bookcase or old dresser to store your office supplies, while keeping only a small amount at your desk. When storing your supplies in a storage area, use labels and be sure the tags are visible for easy identification.

To be a "smooth operator," make your desk the focal point of your office. All of the frequently used equipment should be within easy reach of your desk chair. If you have to get up from your desk several times a day to do things like check the printer, answer the phone, or grab a file, you are wasting productive time. Files on which you are working should be within easy reach such as in a file cabinet next to your desk, in an upright file holder on your desk or on an adjacent table. Ideally, you should be able to pull all the files you intend to work on that day and have them within easy reach. Files that you will not need should be in there proper place, so you can easily find them when needed.

Please understand, I myself am not "Mr. Organization." There have been days when my office appears to have been visited by an unexpected hurricane. If I practiced these tips religiously - I would see an increase my own productivity.

Best of luck and may your income always and forever exceed your blood pressure!
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