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5 Low Cost Ways To Generate Web Traffic

Nov 26, 2007
All online businesses need web traffic. It doesn't matter what your goal is or which business model you are following, you need a stream of targeted traffic, whether you are monetizing your website with Adsense or selling a product or service.

There are many ways to generate traffic and attract visitors, whatever niche or product you are working with. You need to find affordable yet effective alternatives.

It is easy for large corporations to spend millions of dollars at pay per click ad campaigns, such as Google Adwords, but most home-based businesses cannot afford these costs. You do, however, need the targeted traffic for your business to work. The more money you make, the more you can potentially afford to reinvest in advertising.

As a home-based business owner you have plenty of low cost or free options when it comes to drawing visitors to your website. Here are five ways that can help you increase your search engine rankings and gain a steady stream of traffic.

Traffic Exchanges

When used properly, these can be very useful. Not every niche will benefit from this method but it can be great if you are dealing with affiliate marketing, home-based business opportunities or MLM.

You should create your own landing page for the product or service you are promoting. Try to stand out from the crowd by using something different to what the other affiliates use. This attracts interest and, when used in conjunction with an autoresponder to get their name and email address, you can quickly build you own list of interested customers.

Online Forums and Communities

If you join online forums and communities, you can post comments and have a link to your website in your signature link. Most forums frown upon blatant advertising so make sure your posts are interesting and relevant. If not, it looks like spamming and you might get banned.


Writing newsletters does not have to be time consuming. There are hundreds of article directories online with articles written by experts on pretty much every topic. You can use them within the guidelines prescribed by the author and directory, adding a few lines from yourself as an introduction. Add your ad and you have a newsletter. You can add as much or as little as you want to the original article.

Using Your Own Articles

There are thousands of ezines, websites and newsletter publishers seeking new and unique content every day, as well as all the article directories. If you write you own articles and link back to your website, you are creating valuable links to your site as well as branding yourself an expert in the field. This will help to boost your website in the search engine rankings, bringing you more targeted traffic and is free to do.

Exchange Links

This is possibly the most difficult tactic. You need to find sites that are in the same niche as your own but not in direct competition. You also need to find sites with a good ranking in the search engines for this to be successful. You need to approach any site owner with politeness and courtesy. If they don't see any potential benefits in linking with your site, they might refuse.

If you use all five of these tactics regularly, you should definitely start to see a climb in traffic.
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