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Web Tools Offer The Best Website Enhancements

Nov 26, 2007
Some business owners are very thankful for some of the web tools that were available when they created a website for their business. They felt that the web tools were easy to place on the site after the business owner had learned a little bit about HTML coding. Some of the other web tools they found provided the business owner with various styles of HTML coding, and others simply enhanced the overall appearance of the website.

The business owner found web tools like counters kept them up to speed on knowing how many people visited the website everyday. With some fine tuning, the business owner could use other web tools and know which pages of the websites were visited most often or allow them to know which products were viewed most often. These counters turned into sales tools when certain products were promptly put on sale.

Some financial websites were able to create imaginative web tools like calculators that had the company logo on them. Customers could visit the site and use these calculators to figure out their totals and the tax that would be on each purchase. Some of the web tools that were installed on the business website allowed customers to calculate various discounts and use discount codes if the customer chose to.

The business owner chose to install search programs on their business website because these web tools allowed the customer to find what they needed in a hurry. This afforded the customer extra time to browse the website and select other products to take advantage of the free shipping that was offered for a certain purchase total. After this web tool was installed, customers never had to waste their time finding items that they needed really quick.

The business owner was able to build an email marketing list from the information obtained through another web tool. The guestbook allowed the business owner to see which geographical locations the visitors to the site were from, and this allowed them to select email marketing campaigns that fit that area of the country.

The guestbook also indicated that some of the visitors to the business website were from foreign countries. The business owner decided to use a web tool that allowed the content on the website to be translated into a multitude of languages. To allow the foreign customers to feel right at home while shopping on their site, the business owner chose to install a web tool that would serve as a currency converter for various currencies used around the world.

The global presence of the business website was expanded further when the business owner chose to use savvy email marketing campaigns that were constructed using SEO keyword placement. This valuable web tool allowed the company to place higher in the search engines rankings and gain more customers because the website name was in full view of the public at all times when they used the search engines to find the products that they needed.
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