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Aug 17, 2007
Lately, it has caught my attention that there are many people not only looking to make a living from eBay, but also pursuing the challenging business of selling wholesale video games for a profit or just to calming their hunger for home gaming savings. I'm writing you for notifying and confirming you that making good money in the wholesale business is indeed quite profitable. You should not expect financial freedom over it, as you have to work hard either online or offline selling daily, but it is good chunk of dollars coming in and out if you work few hours a day either online or offline.

You can first start selling video games consoles, games and accessories for a profit on eBay. You then can start getting the selling experience and what it takes to sale items on eBay. Believe me, you will probably drop the conclusion that selling on eBay is easy and anyone can do it. Well, that is a mistake I happened to learn myself quite overtime when I started seeing that my garage sell was getting empty by the days. You will start asking yourself what in the world I should sell, once everything I sold gets to zero amount.

Oh well, that is a moment where most of eBay sellers get either in the research mode or in the quitting scenario. I specially had to elect what in the world I had to do in order to maintain from time to time a steady income coming in and out. I have to tell you, I found a lot of options. A lot of them being successful and others of course, quite not successful cause profit margins.

I of course started searching for a wholesale distributor that could increase my income. I went through a lot scams and ultimately headaches. The headaches I could of course avoid them, however, I had to first try and then trust and that ultimately is, buying a wholesale list. I invested in two hundred dollar memberships, high cost packages and of course the one-dollar and two dollar crap that a huge amount of sellers are giving away on auctions sites either for a quick buck or even for free. The result was that there were a huge amount of high cost and low crap packages being sold with none other than outdated contacts and even in some cases the middleman trap. From both of these scenarios, the one that I hated most was the middleman person. With those kind of list being sold everywhere I had to ask myself why is this person giving it to me and for what purpose. Then immediately after no proof of a sound company image, poor customer service and virtually impossible to talk to a real person, immediately conclusions were instantly taken after some experience in the field.

I am very happy to say that either online or offline I can make a good income either by adding a few auctions on eBay or a quick weekend visit to the flea market tables. So with this said, it is all in deciding how much precious time a consumer or a small starting business wants to invest in pursuing a real distributor.
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Joaquin Reveron is the President of Video Games Mystery Corp. Trainer and wholesale marketing consultant for online and offline purchases. Wholesale Video Games is one of the topics discussed at http://www.videogamesmystery.com .
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