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How Living In My Car Made My Internet Marketing Campaign Explode Into Profits

Nov 26, 2007
I recently made my way out of the rat race using the internet to market my primary MLM business. I did this simply because I chose to live out of my car instead of get an apartment. This article is about how you can use my experience to learn how to more effectively use the internet to make money with your primary MLM company.

I was in a unique time in my life when I had the whole world open and free to me. I was getting out of a not so great live in relationship. I had very little extra money where I was formerly living. The bills kept coming and the money really didn't exceed the bills. So I was in an interesting situation. I was moving from my place and the options were to pay nearly all the money I had so I could live in a small cramped apartment. Or I could save that money and live like a true surf bum and live out of my car. I much to the shock of everyone I knew chose to live from my car. This decision catapulted my marketing campaign and income tremendously. I now had an extra chunk of change to use in my advertising efforts. Over the next few months of living from my car near the beach and surfing everyday the waves were good I was able to put my marketing campaign on steroids. This was a very fun time for me. The waves were good and my money was going towards building my business. On a typical day I would research and find ways to get people to my lead capture page. This is really how to market an MLM business effectively. It sorts the whiners from the go getters. I had extra money and time because I had no obligation towards paying rent or taking care of a place. It turned out to be a very smart and fun thing to do. The decision will pay me for years and years and years.

Here are a few things you can do to take my experience and learn how to take your marketing efforts to the next level. It really takes 2 things to be effective. Time and money, it really is one or the other. But learning how to be more effective with your time can save you allot of wasted energy getting people to see your business. What we all need when getting a business off of the ground is a way to have people see what the benefits of it are to them. So there needs to be a prewritten sales page and presentation 24/7 so they can view your business. Next you need to have a way to teach others the exact same system easily and effectively. This should all be a cheap and simple way to get people into your business. I mainly used money to speed up my learning curve but this website has saved me hours and hours of research and trail and error.

If you want a simple cheap and easy way to get people to join your business without having to live in your car see this website http://www.networkingforcash.com
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Erik Jacobson is a seasoned veteran in the ways of marketing a business online. He has learned the hard way how to make money online. He is an expert in finding ways to motivate people to broaden there horizons and learn how to effectively communicate the business to others. His website teaches the art of marketing and sales online. http://www.networkingforcash.com
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